Mitsubishi heat pumps can heat and cool your entire home — even in very cold climates. They offer quiet, energy-efficient heating and cooling that is ideal for both existing homes and new construction. When you invest in a Mitsubishi heat pump, you can enjoy consistent comfort all year long.

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How Mitsubishi Electric can heat and cool your whole home

A whole-home mini-split features an outdoor unit and up to eight indoor units. Very large homes or multi-family properties that need more than eight indoor units may need multiple outdoor units, but this is very rare as indoor units can often heat and cool zones up to 1000 square feet or larger.

The outdoor unit connects to the indoor units with very discrete lines that carry refrigerant and electricity between the units. These lines are very easy to install when you’re constructing a home, and they can work perfectly in existing homes because they don’t require you to disrupt the beauty of the home’s architecture.

If you have existing ductwork and you’re replacing an older HVAC system, you may need to use some ducted indoor units. These air handlers connect to your ductwork, but they’re more efficient than conventional boilers or furnaces and they don’t need a gas line or flue vent.

Benefits of whole-home zoned HVAC systems

When you opt to use Mitsubishi heat pumps as your whole home heating and cooling solution, a contractor will split your home into zones. The location of the zones will be based on how you use your home as well as its design and construction features.

Each zone has its own set of controls so you can easily customize the settings to make your home as comfortable as possible. If you love to sleep in a cold room but you want to ensure your baby’s room is a bit warmer, zoned heating and cooling can make that possible. You can also avoid heating or cooling areas that aren’t in use, helping you to save money and reduce your energy consumption.

Types of whole-home heat pump systems

There are several different options when you decide on whole-home heating and cooling with Mitsubishi heat pumps. If you have a very small home with just a single zone, you will be fine with a single-zone outdoor unit, but in most cases, you will need a multi-zone outdoor unit.

A multi-zone heat pump can be the perfect supplement for an existing heating system. But in very cold climates, you may need to upgrade to a hyper heat pump outdoor unit. Only want AC? There are also outdoor units that can make that possible.

Then, you need to select the indoor units. Whether you go with all ductless units or a mix of ducted and ductless units, you can choose from different capacities, styles, and designs. Units can be installed on walls, recessed into ceilings, or along the floor.

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If you want to reduce your energy bills, improve comfort, and invest in a heating and cooling solution that shrinks your carbon footprint, a heat pump may be the right answer.


Rebates for whole-home efficiency

Whole-home heating and cooling is an investment into your property, but it’s also an investment into the health of the planet. To encourage people to purchase heat pumps or similar energy-efficient solutions, Mass Save and other groups offer rebates — check out the latest rebates today.

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