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Define Your Comfort Zones

With this technology, it’s simple to assign your bedrooms, kitchen, living room, office, basement and other spaces to different “zones” so each room is always comfortable. Once you decide what temperature you’d like a specific zone to be, the system will quietly maintain that temperature while using the least amount of energy needed. For additional energy savings, you have the option to not cool and heat unused rooms.

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Thousands of Dollars in Rebates Available for Mass Residents

You could qualifiy for a loan up to $25,000 with terms up to 7 years, depending on your program administrator and the loan provider.  NETR can help Boston Globe readers update your heating and air conditioning system with Mass Save rebates and 0% interest payment plans available.

Equipment Type Delivery Method Rebate Amount
Mini-Split Heat Pump Refer to Heat Pump Qualified Products List at MassSave.com/HPQPL $250 per ton


Equipment Type Efficiency Requirements Primary Fuel Type Additional Requirements Rebate Amount1
Mini-Split Heat Pump

Refer to Heat Pump Qualified Products List at 

Oil or Propane Integrated Controls required unless central heating system is removed. Refer to Heat Pump Qualified Products List at MassSave.com/HPQPL

$1,250 per ton
Electric Resistance Heat 900 kWh difference between sum of 3 winter-usage and 3 lowest-usage months.
Integrated Controls Add-on existing mini-split heat pump Oil or Propane Refer to Integrated Controls Qualified Products List at MassSave.com/ICQPL Up to $500 per indoor unit, max of $1,500

1Actual tons are calculated based on AHRI cooling capacity divided by 12,000 BTUs. Rebate amount based on actual tons.

2Integrated controls are either approved control packages or dual fuel thermostats that switch between a heat pump and a central heating system.

3The Sponsor of Mass Save do not recommend fully replacing existing central heating systems with heat pump equipment. Customers that choose to do so may access the Fuel Optimization incentive levels without the installation of an integrated control.

Cannot be combined with other rebates for same equipment.  Please see Terms & Conditions for full requirements.




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Single Zone Ductless Heating and Cooling


Multi-Zone Ductless Heating and Cooling



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