How to Use the LG Ductless Remote Control (Video)

Dana Pilotte of N.E.T.R. talks about the LG ductless remote control, and shows how to use all of the features available from setting the time to programming.

Do you have an LG ductless system? I’m here today to show you how to use the remote controller for the LG mini-splits. 

Setting the Time

So when you first put batteries in the remote, or when you press this little reset button down here, the first thing you need to do is set the time. So you would press this up and down button to change the time and when you’re at the right time, you hit set. That will stop flashing and that’s going to be your time. 

Changing Celsius to Fahrenheit

So one of the first things you’re going to do is take the remote and point it at the indoor unit. You’re going to press this power button to turn it on. As you can see, it comes set up in Celsius. If you want to change that to Fahrenheit, you press this button and hold it down for five seconds. 

Changing the Mode

Now we’ll go over the modes. So the modes are going to be listed horizontally at the top of the remote. The first one is cooling mode. It looks like a snowflake. That is your regular air conditioning. Press it again. We’re going to go into the auto mode. This is the auto mode it has the A with the arrow around it. What this is going to do is change the system between heating and cooling, depending on the room temperature. Press it again, it’s going to go to dehumidification mode. As you can see, the temperature setting went away. So in this mode, it’s going to be switching between cooling and fan only, and it’s just going to be pulling moisture out of the room and blowing cool dry air in the room. Press it again. We’re going to go into heating. That’s the sunshine. And again. This is just fan only. And then it goes back to cooling. 

Adjusting the Temperature

So to adjust the temperature up and down, you press this and this is going to be the temperature that you’re trying to achieve. So if that’s too cold, you turn it up. Too hot, you turn it down. 

Adjusting the Fan

Your fan speed is displayed over here. Right now, it’s in low. As you press it, it’s going to go higher. As you can see, you’ll get more bars. Once it goes all the way to the top, you press it again and it’s going to go into an auto mode. As you can see, the bars are flashing. What that means is the fan’s going to ramp up and down by itself depending on the temperature of the room. So if the temperature of the room is 70 and you want it at 65, right when you turn it on, the fan will be high, and as it gets closer to 65, it’s going to slow itself down.

So jet mode. Say you come home and it’s really hot or really cold. You put this on in cooling or heating, and you press jet mode, it’s going to ramp this unit up to the max capacity for 30 minutes. After that 30 minutes, it’s going to go back down to its normal set point. 

Adjusting the Airflow Direction

To adjust the airflow direction up or down, you’re going to press this swing button. It’s displayed up here. It starts all the way in the down position, and as you press it, that line’s going to move up a little bit every time you press it, until it goes all the way up, and then it’s going to go into an oscillating mode. And this is just going to fan the air up and down. And then you press it one more time and the display’s going to go away. And what that means is it’s in automatic mode. So if it’s in cooling, it’s going to point the air straightforward because cold air drops. And if it’s in heating, it’s going to point it all the way down because hot air rises.

So this swing button is to adjust the airflow from left to right. There’s going to be one line that points to where the air’s going. Every time you press it, that line’s going to move a little bit. Once you go all the way from left to right, you’re going to get three lines pointing to the left. This is going to be the fan is oscillating, but directing the air to the left side of the room. And then it’s going to be three bars into the right, and that’s going to be oscillating, but directing the air to the right side of the room. You press it one more time and it’s going to oscillate completely from left to right. 

Programming the Daily Timer

To use the daily timer, the first thing you do is press “timer”. It’s going to come and it’s going to say on here with a different time. Then you’re going to change it to what time you want it to turn on, and once you’re at that time, you’re going to press set. Press timer again. We’re going to press it until we see the off flashing, and now we’re going to change it to what time we want the unit to shut off. Once you’re at your time, you press set. And you’ll see that they are both still displayed, and that means the timer is active. If you ever wanted to cancel the timer, you press the timer again. This one’s flashing. You hit cancel, and now the timer’s canceled.