LG Ducted Heat Pump Systems (Video)

Jimmy Smithell of N.E.T.R., Inc. talks about LG heat pump systems, and how LG ducted heat pump system are a great whole home heating and cooling solution.

LG Ducted Systems are a great whole home solution.

Hi, I’m Jimmy with N.E.T.R. Today I want to talk to you guys about ducted options from LG on their heat pumps. LG offers a one-on-one ducted style system and also a multi-port ducted ductless system, which is a mixed system. Their ducted one-on-one consists of one heat pump outside, that could be either a red or a standard heat, meaning the standard heat will produce heating down to around 25 degrees; your red series or cold climate will produce heat down to minus 13 degrees. Either of those heat pumps will connect back to your air handler, which is located typically in your attic or your basement. The air handler is where we run all of our duct work off of.

The benefit of a ducted style system would be we can hit every single room on that floor, including bathrooms and hallways. This is a great option for your home. Aesthetically, you will only see a four by 12 register, typically, in each room, and one main grill, which is your intake or your return. That would typically go in a hallway. To install an air handler into an attic we do need a full pull down access, or we would have to get into cutting the ceiling and making some access. The air handler system does run on one thermostat, but again, we can hit every single space off of that.