LG Ductless Floor Mounted Systems (Video)

Jimmy Smithell of N.E.T.R. talks about LG heat pump systems, and how ductless floor mounted systems are a great option for sunrooms and rooms with knee walls.

LG floor mounted ductless systems are a great option for special applications.

Hi, I’m Jimmy with N.E.T.R. Today I want to talk to you guys about a floor-mounted ductless system. A lot of the time we see these going in sunrooms, attic spaces, or office spaces that have high windows or low walls. So, that sunroom that we mentioned would be a room full of windows with no height above those windows to accommodate a wall-mounted unit or any other type of ductless or ducted system.

A floor-mounted unit typically will tuck below one of those windows on an inside or outside wall. The benefit of this is we could pipe that system straight down through the floor and get it out to the condenser where we need to get it, without opening up any walls.

The other great option for these systems would be an attic space or a finished space in a second or third floor of a home where you have those low angled walls. Typically, you finish a room around a roof and it’s the angle of the roof, and then you have your knee wall that goes down to the floor. Your typical three or four foot tall knee wall, that’s where we’d hang one of these systems. What we do is we pipe that into that knee wall, and again, we route it through that dead space behind that knee wall and get it out to that heat pump compressor.

These systems can also be attached to a multiple port system where if we’re already doing three or more units in a home, it goes back to the same port that any indoor unit would go to. Whether it’s a floor mounted unit, a ducted unit, or a wall-mounted unit, these are a great option for these spaces.