LG Ductless Overview (Video)

Jimmy Smithell of N.E.T.R. talks about LG heat pump systems, standard vs cold climate heat pumps, BTUs, and available styles of equipment.

LG offers some great options to heat and cool a New England home.

Hi, I’m Jimmy with N.E.T.R. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about LG and the wide variety of options that they have on a heat pump to heat and cool your home.

In the heat pump world, we talk about the RED series or a cold climate, and then we also talk about a standard heat. What is the difference in these two products? Basically, the biggest difference is the heating capabilities of these heat pumps. Your RED series are called your cold climate heat pumps. These systems are capable of producing heat down to minus 13 and are very efficient down to almost five degrees.

Standard heat is more of a “shoulder month” heat pump, is what we call it. More for shoulder month heating, meaning October heat. Basically around 25 degrees, these systems start to lose their efficiencies. These systems are great for AC and also some heating backup into those shoulder months.

Both of these systems, or heat pumps, we talk about being super high efficient, so how does it run efficiently? These systems work on a ramp up, ramp down speed, or a turn up, turn down. What that basically means is if we hang a multi-zone system in your home, let’s say we put four wall mounted units in your home and they’re 7,000 BTUs a piece, some rooms need 7,000 BTUs, some rooms need 2000 BTUs. These systems are capable of seeing the room air hitting your target temperature, and then they turn themselves up and down based on those readings. If it needs 7,000 BTUs, it will give it. Once it satisfies the room, it will turn itself down and give it what it needs, if that’s 2000 BTUs or above.

They also carry a wide variety of ducted options. These are one-on-ones, meaning one heat pump outside, one air handler inside. These we’d see more in a traditional ducted style system in an attic or a basement.

They also have a wide variety of ceiling cassettes and floor mounted units. The ceiling cassette we would see more in an open concept space, a family room or a kitchen, a larger space. They’re a little bit too big for most bedrooms, but that application has been done before.