LG Ductless Wall Mounted Systems (Video)

Jimmy Smithell of N.E.T.R. talks about LG ductless systems, and discusses options for wall mounted ductless systems, and how they work to zone your home.

LG wall-mounted ductless systems are a great way to zone your home.

Hi, I’m Jimmy with N.E.T.R. Today, I want to talk to you a little bit more about zoning your home with heat pumps. What I mean by zoning is we could come into a home, install multiple port heat pumps in your house, meaning one unit per room, wherever you live, and be able to heat or cool that room.

For instance, we could shut a unit or a room off when you’re not in it. This would be along the lines of you coming into your house and turning on a faucet, and every shower head turns on in the home. You don’t really do that. We turn on one faucet as needed. With heat pumps, we could do the same thing. We target each room to give you ultimate comfort and climate control.

The other things that we’ll talk about is the BTUs of this system. LG makes systems starting from 9,000 BTUs on a one-on-one single zone, all the way up to a 24,000 BTU single zone. This is made in their RED series, which is a great option for a garage space or any large room that needs that 24,000 BTU single unit.

They also offer a wide variety of multiple port systems. This is where we can get into your house and really zone it. All of their units come out of the box with Wi-Fi. This gives you the capability to operate the system, basically anywhere that you’re hooked to Wi-Fi; you could adjust your heat, turn it on, turn it off, see the temperature or your cooling.

They also have a range of mirror image units. They basically look black and they have a mirror image finish on them. They’re kind of shiny. They’re a great feature for any room that has that wall that you’re looking to blend in with.