Wall Mounted Air Conditioners (YouTube Video)

In this video, Mike Cappuccio from NETR, Inc. shows off different models of Mitsubishi air conditioners. Learn which air conditioner is right for your space. Look at basic models and AC units with advanced features.

Base-Model Wall-Mounted AC

This is a typical wall-mounted air conditioner from Mitsubishi Electric. This is a base model wall-mounted air conditioner. It starts at 6,000 BTUs on the multi-zone system and goes up to 18,000 BTUs. This is about 31 inches long, 12 inches high, maybe comes off the wall about eight inches. Again, this is a basic wall-mounted air conditioner from Mitsubishi Electric. It only comes in white.

Air comes out the bottom, blows out the bottom and the air actually sucks in on the top. You really can’t see it from here, but the return air is on the top, comes out the bottom. Filtration is inside in the front, and the filter can be washed and cleaned. Again, this is the real basic down and dirty wall-mounted air conditioner from Mitsubishi Electric.

MSZFS Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

I’m now going to get into some of the more advanced wall-mounted air conditioners that you can get from Mitsubishi Electric as well. Okay, so next we have the MSZFS wall-mounted air conditioner. It’s a little bit different from the GL that I had shown you previously, where this basically has a dual fan system in it. So we have two spots where the air comes out.

This as you can see is a little cut in the line here. These veins, you can have one going down, one going up, pointing out to different sides of the rooms. It also has the IC sensor on it as well over here on the left hand side of the unit. On the right hand side of the unit, I’m sorry that actually senses the space. So it’s always scanning the room. It’s looking at the temperature. It’s looking at the people in the space. So this is a very, very complex wall mounted air conditioner that does work with multi-zone and single zone units.

Filtration again, is inside. Little bit different filtration, this has a charcoal filter and an anti-enzyme filter as well. It can be washed, can be cleaned, and comes down.

High-Efficiency Indoor AC Unit

This is our high efficiency indoor unit. It’s a little bit bigger than the GL wall-mounted air conditioner. This is about 38 to 39 inches, and it comes off the wall a little bit further, probably about another inch or two.

GL-Style AC Unit

Next is the GL style unit that is a little bit bigger than the wall-mounted air conditioner. This comes in 24,000 BTUs, 30,000 BTUs and 36,000 BTUs. You can see, this is physically bigger than the GL style I had shown you in an earlier video… This is about 43 inches long. It comes off the wall probably about 12 inches versus eight inches. So it’s a little bit bigger than the other style unit, the base unit that I had showed you earlier. The reason why it’s bigger is it’s bigger capacity. All right.

So this again comes in 24,000, 30,000 and 36,000 because the capacity is bigger, the indoor unit is bigger. Air blows out the bottom, sucks in the top. Again, filtration in the front. Filtration is definitely bigger because the unit’s wider. So the filters are wider. Can be washed, cleaned, taken out, put back in away you go. Okay.

MSZEF Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner.

So now moving over to the MSZEF style wall-mounted air conditioner. Now you probably say, well, it’s white. It’s square. It looks pretty much like the GL wall-mounted air conditioner. Well, it does in a way, but I want to explain to you the differences of this wall mounted air conditioner.

This is definitely a little bit squarer. It has nice fine lines to it. It’s not curved. Everything is definitely squared out, and the corners are nice and neat. They basically call this the designer unit. This unit here comes in different colors though. I’m showing it to you today in white, but this does come in a silver color, almost like a stainless steel refrigerator, stainless steel appliances.

Oh, where would that wall mounted air conditioner be good? What type of spot? Well, kitchens. Kitchens and where there’s stainless steel appliances. We use the stainless steel color wall mounted air conditioner in those areas. Looks really, really nice. Then it comes in black. Where do we use black? I actually have a black one in my home office myself. It’s right above my big black TV. So it looks good in man caves, looks good in areas where there are black televisions in a room. So again, three different colors, white, silver, and black.

Air comes out the bottom too as well and blows out the front. Filtration is inside. Same basic filtration as the GL unit. Pops right down. Take the filters out. Wash them, clean them but again, it’s not curved in the front. It really gives a nice look to a room for more of a high end room or where it would really fit into a nice modern space.

MLFZ Floor-Mounted Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

So now we’re over here at our MLFZ floor-mounted wall-mounted air conditioner. So again, it mounts on the wall, but it sits down by the floor. Little bit different than everything I’ve shown you previously because it is down on the floor. But again, it is still a wall-mounted air conditioner. The air does blow out the top. These veins do open up. Filtration on this unit is actually in the front. So the actual filters on this are right here. They open a little bit differently. How it comes down, you can see filters are a little bit bigger than what the normal ones are but they’re still in the front.

It only comes in white. The air gets pulled in through the bottom and gets pushed out through the top. Actually, if you see my finger here and I’m rubbing it along the back here, it kind of drops off a little bit. The reason why, if you were going to wall mount this in a new construction or in a knee wall of some sort that you had space behind the wall that you could get into. You could actually recess this unit into the wall about two inches only leaving about four inches of it that would stick out into the space.

So again, floor mounted, wall-mounted air conditioner, a little bit different than what we’ve seen. Very popular in spots where you only have a low wall where you would be able to install something where a high wall-mounted air conditioner couldn’t be used. You could go to the floor mounted wall mounted air conditioner.