Why Install a Mitsubishi Zone Comfort System in My Home? (Video)

Mike Cappuccio talks about Mitsubishi’s ductless heating and air conditioning system, and the advantages over traditional heating and cooling systems. 


Good afternoon, my name is Mike Cappuccio. I’m here today to talk to you about, “why would I want to install a Mitsubishi zone comfort system in my home versus a central air conditioning system”? Well, I can go on and on about this topic for a long time, but one of the main reasons why you would want to consider a Mitsubishi zone comfort system for your home is that a lot of people look at this, “it’s more expensive than central air conditioning”. They ask me the question, “Well, Mike, why is this more expensive?” And I have to go into a big long spiel of why it is more expensive. Well, let me explain to you why.

First off, we’re zoning your home. We want to come into your home and basically turn the lights on in your home in the areas that you live in. When you have a central air conditioning system, you air condition the whole entire home whether you’re living in that space of your home or not. Example — you have a four bedroom home. In the other three bedrooms are your children who have all gone off to college and Mr. and Mrs. live in the home and they’re using one bedroom, and they live in the kitchen, the living room, and the bedroom — so there’s three parts of the home that they live in. We want to come in and zone those three parts of the home. We can put additional units in the other three bedrooms, but those three units would be left off, basically like turning the lights off in those areas.

That’s where you’re going to pick up the efficiency, the central air conditioning system is either all on or all off, and it is the biggest piece of equipment that is going to draw the most energy and give you the highest electric bill in the summertime.

So, if you have not considered a Mitsubishi Zone comfort system for your home, you need to really look at it. Reasons — we’re going to zone the home, we’re also going to give you temperature control in those rooms. If you want the temperature 65 in the kitchen and you want the temperature at 70 in the bedroom, we have different temperature capability. With central air conditioning, you have no temperature capability in different areas of the home — you have it in one spot where the thermostat is.

A lot of times you put the thermostat in the hallway in a central hallway, you end up turning it up, you end up turning it down. You get into “thermostat” wars, I call them. People are turning things up, people are turning things down, just to be comfortable. With a Mitsubishi system in your home, you turn on the temperature in that room and you keep the temperature in that room. When you leave that room you can turn it off, you can set the temperature up, saving the energy. This is where you’re going to pick up the energy savings. Also, a central air-conditioning system is an on and off system, it runs down to temperature, the outdoor unit shuts off as the house warms up, the outdoor unit outside comes back on. Our system doesn’t operate like that — it speeds up and slows down on the compressor outside to give you the temperature that you need in the house. It’s an inverter-driven system that does not turn on and turn off.

Comfort is a main factor that comes into play with that, so when you really are starting to look at different air conditioning options for your home, for the summertime, you really need to look at a Mitsubishi Ductless System for your home. You have to consider this if you haven’t. So, take a look at it, if you need any help with that, give us a call.

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