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Year Round Comfort and Energy Savings in a Single SystemBest heat for a brownstone.

Ductless Hyper Heat  for Boston from Mitsubishi

If you're a Boston area homeowner investigating solutions for partial or full home heating, it's definitely worth your time to check out Mitsubishi's line of ductless heat pumps featuring their game-changing Hyper Heat technology, keeping your family warm when outside temperatures plummet as low as -13 below zero!

Did you realize that between January 1 and March 31 of 2015, Boston had high temperatures below 40 degrees for 67 days, including the entire month of February - that’s a long time to be chilly and uncomfortable in your home, and a lot of extra heating costs to pay, a drain on any budget.

We at NETR believe that an informed homeowner is our best customer, so when you're ready, please visit our library of ductless learning materials to see if one of these systems is right for your needs.


Ductless is perfect for these situations:

  • Bonus rooms that are too hot to use all summer or too cold to use in winter.
  • Historic homes where new ductwork would damage the integrity of the construction.
  • Big family rooms that have hot or cold spots.
  • Additions where your current ducted system can't get the job done.
  • Converted attics or basements that never feel comfortable.
  • Rooms with large glass exposures.
  • Bedrooms, especially master where your home comfort system just isn't always getting it done.
  • High utility bills.Get Your Free Guide to Mitsubishi Ductless

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Best heat for a New Englan addition.

Best air conditioning contractor in Boston.

Eliminate Cold and Hot Spots Anywhere in Your HomeSave money on your energy bill in the Boston area.

 Save Thousands with CEC and Mass Save Rebates and a Mass Heat Loan

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Mitsubishi Hyper Heat also offers advanced features like an enhanced filtration system and the i-see Sensor, which monitors and adjusts airflow to eliminate pockets of too-warm and too-cold air in hard-to-control ceiling and floor areas.
It automatically adjusts the unit’s operation to regulate temperature differences detected between the floor and the intake air.

The result is superior cooling/heating performance with extremely efficient operation. The sensor adjusts airflow up to a wide 150˚ lateral angle for ultimate comfort (90˚ angle in cooling mode).

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Single Zone Ductless Heating and Cooling

Multi-Zone Ductless Heating and Cooling


Get Your Free Guide to Mitsubishi Ductless

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