100-Year Old Winchester Tudor Upgrades to Ductless AC

Tudor home in Winchester, MA, gets Mitsubishi ductless system.The owners of this gorgeous 100-year old Tudor home in Winchester were in need of a heating and cooling solution for multiple rooms. The couple were empty-nesters and didn’t use some of the rooms in their large house, but they needed an efficient heating and cooling system for the rooms they were regularly using.

The home had no existing ductwork, which is a common problem with homes built in the early 1900s. Ductwork and central HVAC systems were not standard until much later in the century, so many homes built during this time period have problems with heating and cooling.

One of the issues that many homeowners face with houses like this one is that ductwork can be expensive to install and requires massive renovations that can harm the antiquated beauty of the home. The owners knew that they wanted to preserve the turn-of-the-century charm of this Tudor, so they needed a heating and cooling option that wouldn’t require extensive reconstruction.

A temporary solution that they found was the use of window AC units. However, they quickly discovered the many drawbacks to relying solely on window air conditioners. These kinds of ACs are inefficient and require a lot of time to install and uninstall each year. Additionally, they only do a moderate job of keeping a room cooled and often leave hot and cold spots throughout the home.

Another dilemma was that the window units did not provide any heating for the home in the winter. Instead, they were left to depend on space heaters, which are dangerous and inefficient.

All in all, the owners knew it was time for a drastic change. They needed an option that would be efficient, cost-effective, and provide both heating and cooling in a design that wouldn’t take away from the home’s charm.

The Problem: 100-year old Tudor in Winchester, MA, had no central HVAC system and relied on window AC for cooling. The homeowners needed an upgrade that would provide heating and cooling without interfering with the home’s turn-of-the-century appeal. 

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. designed a six-unit ductless system with four indoor ductless ACs and two outdoor condensers. Now the living room, dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom will be comfortable all year long.

Example of indoor ductless AC wall unit installed in Winchester home.The Installation

The need for a heating and cooling solution was just as important as preserving the historical beauty of the house. They knew that a standard, central AC system was not an option because installing ductwork would interfere with the home’s aesthetic.

After researching their options, the owners decided that they were interested in ductless heating and cooling. This decision led them to N.E.T.R., Inc. They read reviews from our previous customers in the area who loved their ductless system and the professionalism provided by N.E.T.R., Inc., and they decided to contact us about a ductless installation.

Chip Moeckel, the project manager for this installation, met with the family and toured the home. Immediately, he knew they would need two outdoor condensers to supply the indoor units, due to the location of the rooms needing AC and the size of the home.

Example of a floor-mounted ductless AC unit in MA home. Ductless AC mounted above the doorway in Winchester, MA.Chip proposed a six-unit design that would provide heating and cooling to the kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, and living room. The indoor units were designed to be slim and easily blend into the home.

The living room, kitchen, and bedroom all had a wall-mounted ductless AC unit installed. These wall units allow for optimal airflow throughout the room, which provides higher quality heating and cooling throughout the year. In the dining room, Chip and the owners agreed that a floor-mounted ductless unit would be a better fit in the space, so it was installed instead of a wall AC.

All of the units take up minimal wall space, allowing for powerful temperature control without compromising the aesthetics of the room. Chip and his team were able to place each unit in a position that will provide the best airflow throughout the room, so the family will never have to worry about hot and cold spots again.

Additionally, the ductless system requires only a thin tubing to be snaked through the walls, instead of extensive ductwork. This tubing is similar to electrical wire and connects the indoor ACs to the outdoor heat pump. Treated air is then pumped from the outdoor condenser unit through the tubing to the indoor units.

The outdoor heat pumps were installed in two locations because of the size of the house and the distance between the indoor units. The master bedroom and living room were connected to the outdoor condenser that was installed on the left side of the home. The kitchen and dining room’s units were then attached to the condenser on the right side of the house. Both heat pumps are out of the way but easy to reach for maintenance and repairs.

Benefits of Ductless

Indoor Mitsubishi ductless AC installed in a bedroom. Now, the couple can enjoy each of their most-used rooms at the perfect temperature, no matter the time of year. This ductless system will allow for pinpoint control of their home through the use of the remote control. Each unit operates on an individual thermostat, so they will be able to set the rooms to different temperatures without putting stress on a central system. If the couple ever decides to expand their system, they can easily install a unit in a spare bedroom and only heat or cool the room when the kids come home to visit.

Outdoor AC and heat pump condenser installed in MA.Additionally, this Mitsubishi ductless AC system will monitor the humidity of each room and make adjustments. The additional humidity control ensures maximum comfort every day of the year.

Another feature Chip recommended is pairing the system with the Kumo Cloud Station. This app allows the homeowners to control the temperature settings of their Mitsubishi ductless AC system from anywhere! They simply download an app on their smartphones, and they instantly have access to their home’s unique system no matter where they go.

One of the benefits of choosing a ductless system is its energy-efficiency. The ductless units are so energy-efficient, they only require around the same electricity as a light bulb, the couple is going to save big on their energy bills. Chip knew that upgrading the window ACs to the ductless system would qualify this couple for energy-efficiency rebates, and, with his help, they were about to receive $3,757 back!

Example of a Mitsubishi outdoor heat pump. Is Ductless Right for You?

If you own a historic home, or a home without central AC, contact us today. We’re proud to offer innovative, ductless air conditioning solutions for families throughout the Boston and Winchester area. You don’t have to live with inadequate heating and cooling in your home, take control of your comfort today.

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