Apartment in Cambridge, MA, Gets LG Ductless

LG ductless installed in apartment in Cambridge, MA.This three-story, multi-family apartment in Wellington-Herrington, a neighborhood in Cambridge near Somerville, had a number of heating and cooling problems. Like many older homes that have been converted into apartments, each story of the house operated on individual heating and cooling systems, some of which were more efficient than others.

The owners of this apartment lived in the second story, which was heated with oil-fired heat radiators. The units above and below this one had gas heating. Additionally, the entire home had no central AC, so the tenets had to resort to using window ACs to stay cool during the summer. Unfortunately, with the increasingly hot summers and the drastically cold winters, this family was uncomfortable all year long. Not to mention, they were spending a fortune running their oil heaters, and their electric bills in the summer were outrageous from the window ACs.

Window air conditioners are notorious for being expensive to operate, especially in homes with no primary AC. Window units are also noisy, inefficient, block out the natural light, and are difficult to install and uninstall.

Finally, this family had enough, and they knew they could find a better heating and cooling solution for their apartment. They began researching ductless systems in Boston and the surrounding areas.

The Problem: This second-story apartment in a multi-family home had no central AC and used oil-fired radiators for winter heating. They were spending a fortune on energy bills and needed an efficient heating and cooling solution.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. installed an LG ductless heating and air conditioning system to provide quality temperature control all year long. They also installed a Kumo Cloud station for remote control of the system using an app on a smartphone.

The Design

Example of an LG ductless wall AC installed in apartment. After some research, the family decided to contact N.E.T.R. Inc., due to our years of experience provided quality HVAC installations throughout Boston and the surrounding areas. The family knew that N.E.T.R., Inc. would be able to design a perfect solution for their home.

Chip Moeckel, the project manager for this installation, met with the family to scout the site. After seeing the home, he proposed a two-zone LG ductless AC system with heating. One ductless unit would be installed in the kitchen, with another in the living room. This design would allow for optimal airflow throughout the home to provide treated air to every location.

Chip also proposed that the outdoor condenser unit for the system be installed on the right side of the home. This location would allow easy access for maintenance or repairs, limit the length of piping required for the install, and keep the unit out of sight.

The Installation

LG ductless wall AC installed in Cambridge apartment.Once the family agreed to the proposed system, Chip and his team got to work. Installing a ductless system is much easier than a centralized system, and it requires almost no construction.

The outdoor units sometimes require a concrete pad to be poured, unless there is already one in place. This pad provides a level, solid place for the unit to sit. The indoor units do not require any major ductwork. In fact, the technician simply drills a hole in the wall behind the unit and then mounts it to the wall.

The hole is used to snake thin tubing through the walls like electrical wire and out to the condenser. Treated air is then pumped through this tubing and distributed throughout the room via an LG ductless wall AC unit. The units are mounted high on the walls so that they can provide the best airflow without interfering with the rest of the room.

The Benefits

Outdoor example of an LG condenser unit for a ductless system. One of the benefits of the LG ductless system is that each AC unit operates separately from the others. This design allows the temperature to be set differently throughout the various rooms. Now, if the kitchen gets a little hot while Mom is making dinner, she can adjust the AC down a few degrees without impacting the other rooms.

Another benefit is that the LG ductless units are controlled with a remote. If Dad or the kids need to adjust the temperature while watching their favorite show, they don’t even have to get up off the couch! Plus, these LG ductless air conditioners serve the dual-purpose of being high-quality air conditioners and fast-acting heaters.

The entire system is designed to provide both heating and cooling. Now, the family can enjoy their home in the dead of winter or the dog days of summer. And, the family will see significant savings on their energy bills throughout the year.

They can continue to use their existing oil heating radiators and use the ductless heating system to supplement, or they can rely solely on the LG ductless for their heating this winter. Additionally, the family can finally ditch the noisy, inefficient window ACs and enjoy perfectly treated air for years to come.

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

If you are struggling to keep your home or business comfortable on the hottest or coldest days of the years, then it’s time to call N.E.T.R., Inc. We have years of experience helping families and businesses like you find lasting relief through ductless systems.

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