Boston Home Supplements Oil Heating with Ductless Heating

In Jamaica Plain, homeowners find themselves with gorgeous Victorian homes from the turn of the century that feature large rooms, grand porches, and multi-level architecture full of beautiful detailing. These magnificent houses offer families the opportunity to live in a piece of history, but they come with their fair share of difficulties, as well.

Most Victorian homes feature fireplaces but were built before gas logs were available. As a result, many of these homes from the early 1900s were later equipped with oil heating systems. Some homeowners installed baseboard oil heating, while others upgraded the fireplaces to gas logs.

This home in Jamaica Plain in Boston had an old oil heating system that was leaving rooms on the third floor drafty. The homeowners were tired of spending their winters battling the hot and cold spots throughout their home and over-paying for their comfort. They knew that there had to be a better way to keep their home comfortable during the winter months.

The Problem: Hot and cold spots plagued the third-floor bedrooms and living area of this Victorian home in Jamaica Plain. The owners were in need of a supplemental heating solution for their oil heating system.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. recommended a three-unit Mitsubishi ductless heating system with an outdoor heat pump for premium comfort year-round. One ductless unit would be installed in each third-floor bedroom and the den.

The Design

The family had finally had enough of the third floor of their home remaining cold during the winter. The house’s existing oil heating system did not run to the third-floor, so they were forced to make do with space heaters and blankets, which didn’t do the trick on the coldest winter days.

The project manager assigned to this case, Russell, met with the family to observe the space and design a solution. He found that the home’s third-floor living area was in need of a floor unit, along with the master bedroom. The second bedroom would need a wall-mounted ductless AC, and all three units could then be piped to an outdoor heat pump. The outdoor unit would be installed on the side of the home, out of sight, to keep the home’s curb appeal intact.

The Installation

Mitsubishi ductless floor AC installed in Jamaica Plain Victorian home. Russell and his team were able to install the new units with minimal impact on the home’s interior. The ductless units only require a small hole to be drilled into the wall behind them during installation. This hole allows the thin tubing to be piped through the walls like electrical wire to the outdoor heat pump.

The outdoor condenser unit works by transferring the existing heat in the air outside the home through the system and to the indoor air handlers. By using the existing heat, this design maintains a highly efficient operating system even in the coldest temperatures. The treated air is pumped through the piping to the indoor units, and distributed throughout the home.

Each of the ductless ACs operates on its own thermostat, which allows the family to have pin-point control over their heating system. For example, if the den/living room is a little too warm, they can adjust the temperature using the remote control, without affecting the temperature of the two bedrooms. This way, they can keep their bedroom toasty warm, even if the living room is a few degrees cooler.

Additionally, the units will monitor the air in the house for humidity and make adjustments when needed. The ability to control the humidity is vital in older homes, like this one, which are often not well insulated.

The Benefits

This family will get to enjoy the comfort of their Mitsubishi ductless heating system for years to come! The entire system is easy to control, thanks to the remotes and individual thermostats. Now, even on the coldest winter days, their home will be perfectly warm.

Maintenance is simple, and with N.E.T.R., Inc.’s status as New England’s #1 Elite Diamond Dealer in Boston, the homeowners can rest assured that any repairs needed will be covered by the 12-year warranty included. Not only will they have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their system is covered under the extended warranty, but they will have a team of experts ready to take their call.

Another reason this family will be glad they chose Mitsubishi ductless for their heating solution is the impact it will have on their monthly energy bills. The Mitsubishi ductless system is one of the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems available on the residential market. This efficiency is mostly due to the state-of-the-art heat pump in the outdoor unit. Thanks to the design of the units, each AC only takes the same energy as a lightbulb to run.

Now, the family can keep their home comfortable without running space heaters, which are a fire hazard, and enjoy lower monthly bills!

Additionally, the family was able to qualify for rebates on their upgraded system, just because it is more efficient! The family got a rebate from Mass Save of $250 and another rebate from Mass CEC of $1,350! That’s $1,600 in total savings, just for upgrading their home to Mitsubishi ductless.

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

Are you tired of dealing with a draft house? Are your heating bills swallowing up your savings in the winter? If so, it’s time to invest in a solution. You don’t have to live with uncomfortable heating and cooling solutions, even if you live in a historic home!

At N.E.T.R., Inc., we have tons of experience in Boston and the surrounding areas offering heating and cooling solutions to families just like yours. We design individualized solutions based on the layout of your home, the issues you have with your current HVAC system, and your budget.

Our team will even work with you to help you apply for any available rebates or promotions so that you’re always getting the best deal. Contact us today to start your journey towards a more comfortable home.

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