Colonial Home Upgrades Central Air System in Burlington

Colonial home in Burlington, MA, gets a central AC upgrade with the American Standard HVAC system.The owners of this lovely colonial home in Burlington, MA, were experiencing problems with their central AC. This house was equipped with a natural gas baseboard heating system, as well as an FHA central air conditioning system, which was beginning to fail.

Unfortunately, the family began to notice that their HVAC system was unable to keep up with the size of the home. The hottest days of the year left the family sticky and hot, even with the AC running all day.

The homeowners looked into their options for upgrading their AC system. During their search, they found the many five-star reviews of N.E.T.R., Inc. from our past customers. These reviews led the owners to consider upgrading their existing central AC system for a ductless air conditioning solution. To get an expert’s opinion, they contacted Chip Moeckel at N.E.T.R., Inc.

The Problem: Colonial home in Burlington, MA, needed an upgrade to its outdated FHA central AC system. The owners considered options like replacement parts, upgraded central AC, or a ductless system.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. sent Chip Moeckel to assess the home. He installed an air handler in the attic and replaced the outdoor condenser with an American Standard four-ton 13 SEER condenser unit.

The Design

Example of the air handler installed in this Burlington, MA, home for central air system. When Chip met with the family, they told him about their research and the options they were considering. The homeowners asked if they would be better offer replacing the entire central AC system with a ductless system.

After touring the home and inspecting the existing AC units in the house, he gave them his design recommendation. Chip concluded that the system was in relatively good shape and that the family only needed a few upgrades to the older parts of the system. He did not recommend the change to a ductless system because of the existing ductwork in the home. He informed them that because much of the air conditioning system was in excellent shape, it would save the owners money just to replace the old parts.

Chip and the homeowners agreed that the American Standard system would serve them best, and Chip recommended installing a four-ton AC system with a 13 SEER rating to ensure the best air conditioning for their home.

The Installation

After the design phase of this project, Chip and his team got to work. Before they could begin, the unneeded parts of the old FHA system had to be removed. These parts had to be removed with care and disposed of properly.

The removal of the old system was just the first step of this AC upgrade. After the old outdoor condenser unit was removed, N.E.T.R., Inc. installed a new American Standard four-ton outdoor condenser on a concrete pad.

Upstairs, a new American Standard AC air handler was installed in the attic to offer the best air distribution throughout the home. The unit used was a variable speed AC blower so that it would allow the owners to customize their temperature control. Additionally, the team installed additional ductwork wherever needed to ensure that the entire home was properly treated.

After all of these parts of the system had been set up and connected, Chip and his crew set about connecting the copper piping, electrical wiring, and drains for condensation.

Finally, the central thermostat was connected, and the new air conditioning system was started and tested.

The Benefits

Outdoor condenser unit for American Standard AC system in Burlington, MA, home.Thanks to the upgraded system, this family will see a drop in their energy bills over the coming months. This financial benefit to upgrading their HVAC system is due to the continued improvement of air conditioning units and systems. Because the older unit was outdated and beginning to fail, it required more energy to run than the American Standard system.

The homeowners will be able to enjoy every room of their home even on the hottest days of the year, thanks to the AC upgrade. They’ll love being able to rely on evenly distributed cooled air whenever they need it.

Is a Central Air Conditioning System Right for You?

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