Contemporary Ranch-Style Home in Winchester Gets Mitsubishi Ductless Heating and Cooling

Winchester ranch-style home gets heating and cooling with Mitsubishi ductlessEven contemporary homes can find it challenging to keep the heating or cooling even throughout the home during winter and summer.

These Winchester, MA homeowners wanted to eliminate hot and cold spots in their home. Here’s what they decided to do.

Problem: Not all rooms in this Winchester ranch-style home could be kept the proper temperature in cold winters or hot summers.

Solution: We proposed a single-zoned mini-split heat pump unit with an outdoor condenser to provide heat in the winter and unmatched cooling relief in the summer.

The Installation

After extensive research on possible solutions, this family decided to call NETR because of our outstanding reviews and our status as the #1 Elite Diamond Dealer in New England for Mitsubishi ductless AC systems. Right away, we knew that the old central AC and hydronic heat would never cut it for adequately heating and cooling this studio. We proposed a single-zoned mini-split heat pump unit with an outdoor condenser to provide heat in the winter and unmatched cooling relief in the summer.

The Mitsubishi ductless system would be the ideal solution for controlling the temperature in the music studio because of its whisper-quiet technology. These units function so quietly that you’ll never even notice it’s there while it efficiently heats or cools your space. NETR has installed numerous ductless AC systems in recording studios throughout the surrounding areas, so we were confident this would be perfect for this Winchester family.

The owners of this contemporary ranch-style home in Winchester, MA, had a music studio that was a headache to try and keep the proper temperature. The home’s central AC cooled the studio, but because of its location, it stayed hot all summer while the other rooms were pleasant. In the winter, the oil-fired hydronic heating system did not cut through the chill enough to make the room usable. These homeowners were tired of overpaying on their energy bills for a space that was never comfortable.

Before we could install the new ductless system, the old central AC unit and hydronic heat had to go. Luckily, even with the removal of the old systems, the ductless wall mounted indoor AC unit, and the outdoor condenser were easy to fit into the home’s design without any invasive construction.

Indoor ductless AC unit in Winchester music studio.The outdoor unit was installed on the back side of the home, to keep it hidden from sight and a thin tube was then run to the indoor wall cassette in the studio. We were able to mount the ductless heat pump and AC unit just above the window, so it is out of the way of the homeowners and has the optimal vantage point for distributing the air evenly through the room. Plus, this unit is controlled by a simple remote so that the temperature can be adjusted from anywhere in the room. The Mitsubishi Hyper-Heating technology has been proven to continue to provide unmatched heating comfort, even in temperatures as low as -13F, so this family can enjoy their upgraded room even in the harshest winter.

Another fantastic feature of the Mitsubishi mini-split AC is that it monitors the room’s humidity. Now, this family will never have to worry about the humid summers harming their instruments, because the mini split system will keep the studio nice and dry.

Ductless Savings

Outdoor installation of Mitsubishi ductless heat pump in Winchester.Because this ductless unit is a vast improvement in energy efficiency over the old systems, the owners qualified for rebates from both Mass Save and Mass CEC. These programs are funded by the state of Massachusetts to help homeowners when making the switch from outdated, inefficient technology, to more environmentally friendly options.

Our homeowners were able to qualify for $300 from Mass Save and $500 from Mass CEC! In total, they were able to save $800 towards the installation cost of their new system. In addition to the immediate benefits, they have the option to expand the system in the future. So, if they ever need to add an extra touch of warmth to the family room, or help to cool down the master bedroom, it’s as easy as calling NETR!

Not only will these homeowners be saving big on their monthly bills by upgrading to Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling, but they will be able to use their music studio any day of the year comfortably!

If you are suffering from a hard-to-heat attic or a bedroom that never stays cool in the summer, contact NETR. Our specialists will work with you to design the perfect solution to meet all your needs. Stop wrestling with clunky, loud window units, and dangerous space heaters, let N.E.T.R. Inc. give you the comfort you deserve today.

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