A Cape-Style Home in Duxbury, MA Gets Ductless Air Conditioning

Classic cape homes like this one attract people to Massachusetts- the cedar shake siding speaks instantly of New England! These homes are fantastic, but many of them don’t have the amenities of newer homes. This home was built without central air conditioning, and who wants to mar the exterior of this home with an ugly window air conditioner for half the year?

Our homeowners were relying on oil baseboard heat and window air conditioners. They were looking for additional heating and cooling in their master bedroom and basement. Basements can often feel damp, so humidity control was a must, and air circulation for the space was vital. The master bedroom had problems with heating and air conditioning, primarily because of the high ceilings. Fortunately, solutions like a Mitsubishi ductless Hyper-Heating ductless systems can fill both needs easily while keeping energy bills low.

Duxbury heating and air conditioning.

Problem: Our homeowner was looking to add heating and air conditioning to their master bedroom and finished basement area. They needed cooling and humidity control that wasn’t being adequately addressed by window units

Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. installed two Mitsubishi ductless units with Hyper-Heating technology for the master bedroom and the finished basement to deliver maximum comfort all year long. 

A Great Investment

This kind of installation is going to help our homeowners with a few things. They are still using their current heat system, so this ductless install will only supplement their current HVAC system to make the house completely comfortable. No removal of an old system was necessary. The ductless units work both as heaters and air conditioners, so they can add a little boosted heat, right where it’s needed. In areas like the basement that can get very cold during the long winter months, this feature will be very useful. The only equipment that will be changed are those old window units.

The window ACs can now be passed on to someone else since they won’t be needed anymore to keep the master bedroom or basement from being stifling during the summer.

This technology will also help the homeowner save money on energy bills since it is one of the most efficient air conditioning systems available on the market. Its reliability and efficiency are so high that the homeowners even qualified for a $1,145 rebate! The warranty on all qualifying systems installed after April 1, 2015, has recently been extended to 12 yearsClick here to see the details

Indoor wall AC for Duxbury, MA.

The Ideal Air Conditioning Solution for This Duxbury Home

It was important that the ductless install worked with the great architecture and didn’t mar the outside of the home and how it looks from any angle. We knew that making blending the ductless lines with existing gutters and features on the house would be crucial. As you can see from the picture on the right, the ductless tubes blend right in with the existing downspouts! The outdoor heat pump unit is placed out of the way and is almost invisible from the front of the house.

Likewise, the inside AC unit blends in with the existing bead board details in the house. The indoor ductless wall AC is tucked up in the corner, where it’s barely noticeable.

These Mitsubishi units are known for being incredibly quiet, especially when compared to window AC units, so they should be largely invisible except for the exceptional comfort they will deliver every day of the year!

Because of the additional energy-efficiency of these ductless units both for heating and cooling, the customers also qualified for a $1,145 rebate. These savings helped with the installation costs.  Now our homeowners will gain the comfort they crave and be able to save money in monthly energy costs while increasing the overall value of their home. Between the savings on the rebate, lower energy bills, and improved air quality in the home, this homeowner was very pleased with the result!

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