Danvers, MA, Ranch Home Gets Central AC Upgrade

Danvers, MA, ranch home gets central AC upgrade from N.E.T.R., Inc.The homeowners of this ranch home in Danvers, MA, loved the location of their home. They were just down the street from the Liberty Tree Mall, which makes it easy to head over to the mall for a shopping day at a moment’s notice.

Unfortunately, the age of the home leads to some heating and cooling problems throughout the year. The problem was especially noticeable on the hottest and coldest days of the year. The homeowners had noticed that the old central AC system installed in their home was leaving hot and cold spots throughout the house.

After researching some solutions, the owners decided to contact N.E.T.R., Inc. and have an expert come by to assess the situation. They knew, based on our long list of 5-star reviews from previous customers, that we would be able to design a solution for their home.

The Problem: These owners of a ranch home in Danvers, MA, needed a central AC upgrade to their old HVAC system.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. installed an American Standard two-ton 13 Seer outdoor condenser and an American Standard two-ton air handler to offer high-quality air conditioning for the home.

The Design

American Standard air handler installed in central AC system for Danvers ranch home. Mike Cappuccio, the founder of N.E.T.R., Inc., has years of experience working on designing unique solutions for homeowners and businesses alike. For this project, he was happy to meet with the family and offer his expertise in creating their AC upgrade.

After touring the home and inspecting the old central HVAC system, Mike concluded that an American Standard two-ton system with a SEER rating of 13 would do the trick. He explained to the family that he and his team would need to remove and dispose of some of the old equipment. This removal process must be handled according to the EPA guidelines. Mike assured the family it could be done quickly and efficiently so that they could have their new American Standard AC up and running soon.

The Installation

The first thing that N.E.T.R., Inc. had to do for this project was to remove some of the outdated equipment from the home. The outdoor condenser unit was rundown and needed replacing, so that was the first item removed. Next, the indoor air handler was taken apart and removed, followed by the refrigerant lines. All of this equipment was then discarded according to EPA standards.

After the old equipment was removed, the team could start the process of installing the new AC system. They began by pouring a new concrete pad for the outdoor condenser unit since the original pad was not within proper clearance regulations of the home. The new pad ensured that the American Standard two-ton outdoor condenser unit was easy to access and had ample airflow around it. The new outdoor condenser had a SEER 13 rating, ensuring it will offer the family perfectly treated air all summer long.

The next step in this installation was to install a new American Standard two-ton air handler in the basement where the old unit had been. This placement allowed N.E.T.R., Inc. to utilize the existing ductwork, which saved the family money. The new air handler was then tied into the ductwork to provide perfectly treated air throughout the home.

Lastly, the team installed new refrigerant lines to connect the outdoor condenser to the indoor air handler. This refrigerant allows the air from the condenser to reach the air handler with minimal loss of energy so that the home can be cooled quickly and efficiently, even on the hottest days.

Additional work done on this project included some hookups installed on the existing ductwork and new drain lines on the newly installed ASSY condensate pump. The team also treated the outdoor unit with Liquid Tight to prevent leaking and installed new blocking under the unit.

The Benefits

Outdoor condenser unit install in central AC upgrade for Danvers, MA, home. N.E.T.R., Inc. also equipped the system with an ASSY Wi-Fi thermostat, which would allow the family easy control over the entire system. The Wi-Fi thermostat connects the home’s heating and air conditioning system to the internet, which allows the family to log-on and check their home’s system from anywhere.

Now, if the family leaves for vacation and forgets to set the temperature up a few degrees before they go, they don’t have to worry. Instead, once they reach their destination, they can simply log on to the system remotely and reset the temperature from their computer or smartphone.

Because air conditioning systems are continually improving, this new American Standard installation will help the family save money on their monthly energy bills. The new system will be more efficient and use less energy to keep their home cool than the outdated system.

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