Master Bedroom in Everett, MA Colonial Gets Ductless HVAC Installation

Master Bedroom in Everett, MA Colonial Gets Ductless HVAC Installation

What to do when one room in your home just can’t get it right? The owner of a Garrison Colonial in Everett, MA found himself asking this question. No matter what he tried, his bedroom would always be too hot in the summer. He needed a solution that was efficient, effective and quiet. We set him up with a ductless HVAC system that delivered all three.

Problem: The master bedroom was too hot in the summertime and the homeowner didn’t want a loud air conditioner.

Solution: Installed a Mitsubishi ductless HVAC unit in the master bedroom for cooling.

Too much heat to sleep

Staying warm in cold weather wasn’t a problem for this homeowner. His garrison colonial uses oil heat. Gas has a high flash point and provides hotter heat than gas or electric. His problem came in the summertime.

The master bedroom would get too hot. This made it difficult for our homeowner to sleep in the warmer months.

He had considered a window unit air conditioner, but wasn’t crazy about them. The window units were too loud, for one thing. He prefers silence when he sleeps. Plus, they’re not energy energy efficient.

So, he knew what he wanted but not how to get it. Fortunately, our salesman and tech were there to help him out. They listened carefully to his concerns and what he did and didn’t want. Then, they zeroed in on products that would work for him.

Together, they put together the perfect plan to get his bedroom cool enough in the summertime.

Mitsubishi ductless HVAC unit in Everett MA garrison coloniaChilling out with Ductless HVAC

Almost immediately, our team knew that a ductless HVAC system was the way to go. Putting together a custom system would give this homeowner everything he needed. And it would do so without adding any more than necessary.

A ductless system works by having cool or hot air travel through very skinny, flexible tubes. The air comes from a heat pump located outside the home. Then, it makes its way to a wall-mounted unit.

This is very different from traditional HVAC systems. Usually, gas or oil heat, or cool air, originates from a furnace or a/c condenser. Then, it travels through ductwork and into rooms through vents.

What makes a ductless system so much better is its flexibility. They don’t use ducts and vents, which makes a big difference. It’s expensive and time-intensive to design and build new ductwork in a home.

Since the air travels through thin, flexible tubing, the units can go virtually anywhere. Our techs can route the tubing inside walls without doing major work. This way, we can find the best spot for them in any room. The unit itself also covers up the very small the tubing comes through.

Finally, there’s the zoned aspect. With ductless, one unit covers just one area of the house, not the entire house. Each one has its own thermostat. That means you can set each one to a different temperature.

That’s what made this a great choice for our homeowner’s garrison colonial. With ductless, he could have a state-of-the-art HVAC system right-sized for just the one room he needed.

Why our homeowner chose Mitsubishi ductless

Finally, our homeowner knew there was a solution that fit his needs exactly, The next step was determining which exact pieces would suit him the best.

He went with a Mitsubishi Electric ductless mode for a few reasons. First, they’re known for being quiet. That was a big factor for him.

Next, Mitsubishi  ductless HVAC units are energy-efficient. This one has an Energy Star rating from the federal government. This shows it uses energy more efficiently than other models. That means savings every month on his energy bills.

That efficiency also earned him some up-front savings. Our salesman knew about rebate opportunities a system like this can get him. He made sure our homeowner knew about them, too.

Thanks to two statewide programs, our homeowner received more than $1,000 for choosing the system he did. One rebate came through Mass Save, a group of utility companies in Massachusetts. Their program offered him a $500 for installing an energy-efficient unit.

There was also a rebate from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. This group works toward using clean energy across the state. They awarded him a $625 rebate for this Mitsubishi unit.

When summer rolls around, our homeowner will sleep soundly with silent, efficient climate control. And, he’ll rest well knowing how much money he’s saving with his new system.

Do you want a better and more cost-effective and efficient option for heating and cooling your home? Contact us and we’ll design the perfect Mitsubishi ductless HVAC solution for you!

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