Mitsubishi Ductless AC Provides Relief for Colonial Home in Woburn

Woburn, MA colonial home gets Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning systemSummers in this beautiful, colonial home in Woburn, MA were unpleasant due to the lack of air conditioning available. Most colonial homes were built before air conditioning was standard, which left this family struggle to keep cool during the hottest days.

Due to the lack of central air, the family was using window AC units to try and cool their beautiful home. Unfortunately, window air conditioners are bulky, noisy, and do not evenly cool the space. The routine of installing and removing the window ACs every spring and fall was tiring and required the family to give up the views from their windows every summer.

Finally, the homeowners had enough of the struggle, and decided to call N.E.T.R., Inc. They had read our online reviews from previous customers that had been struggling to stay cool in the summer, just like them. When they found that N.E.T.R., Inc. is the #1 Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Elite Dealer in Boston, MA they knew it was time to make the call.

Problem: Colonial home in Woburn, MA had no central air and relied on window ACs for cooling in the summer. Their energy bills were high and the window ACs were inefficient and noisy.

Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. installed a Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning system in the living room and master bedroom. Two outdoor condensers were needed, and two indoor wall mounted AC units were installed.

The Installation

Indoor installation of Mitsubishi ductless wall AC.This family was tired of struggling every summer with their window AC units not cooling the rooms evenly. Some corners would get overly cold while others stayed hot, no matter how long the window unit ran. What made matters worse, was that the window air conditioning units were expensive to run. This family was spending a fortune trying to stay comfortable without any luck.

That’s why N.E.T.R., Inc. knew that a Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning system would be perfect for them. These ductless ACs are whisper-quiet, unlike window units, and off even distribution of the treated air throughout the space.

The indoor wall ACs are mounted out of the way, so the family won’t have to worry about their comfort affecting the beauty of the home, and easy to adjust with the touch of a button. All the unit are remote controlled, so the owners won’t even have to get out of bed to adjust the temperature to where they like it.

These Mitsubishi ductless ACs are even equipped with Hyper-Heating heat pump technology, so if the family’s heating system isn’t doing the trick this winter, they can get a little touch of warmth from the new ductless units.

Not only do the indoor ductless ACs monitor the temperature in the room and adjust accordingly, but they are also equipped to control the humidity, as well! This feature is one of the many things that makes Mitsubishi  ductless ACs an unbelievable solution to any home using window AC units.

Ductless savings

Outdoor condenser installed in Woburn, MA home for Mitsubishi ductless.One of the best benefits of the Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning systems is its energy-efficiency. Unlike window ACs theses air conditioning systems are highly energy efficient, so this family will see huge savings on their monthly bills for years to come.

In addition to saving on energy bills, these homeowners qualified for a rebate just for upgrading their home to a more environmentally friendly option. Through programs like Mass Save, this family was able to get $100 in savings that they could put towards the new installation.

Not only that, but this investment in their home will add long-term value to the beautiful colonial. Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems are built to be expanded on, so if this family ever decides they want a little extra cooling in the kitchen, or a burst of heat in the office, N.E.T.R. can easily give them everything they need.

Is Ductless Right for You?

If you are stuck in a home without central AC and suffering from expensive energy bills due to your window ACs, contact N.E.T.R., Inc. today! Our experts have years of experience in the Boston, MA area and we will work side-by-side with you to provide the best solution for your home.

You don’t have to settle for high bills and a hot and humid home, let N.E.T.R., Inc. build a solution for you!

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