Multi-Level Ranch in Peabody Gets Ductless System

Multi-level ranch gets Mitsubishi ductless in Peabody, MA. The owners of this ranch home in West Peabody, MA, had converted the building into their multi-level dream home. The style and size of the house allowed them plenty of space for the kids and entertaining guests so that they could finally enjoy the lifestyle they loved.

However, the home’s original baseboard heating system was out of date and expensive to operate during the cold New England winters. The family found that their home was riddled with hot and cold spots. Some rooms remained toasty warm while others barely kept out the chill.

Another problem presented itself during the summertime. The home was not built with a central AC system, and adding ductwork would significantly modify the interior of their home. Ductwork is run through the walls or ceilings of a home, but the age and design of this house made ductwork impossible.

After overpaying for energy bills year-round, the homeowners knew it was time to find an alternative. They began looking for ductless solutions to their heating and cooling needs. They discovered that Mitsubishi Electric ductless air conditioning systems are some of the most efficient HVAC designs on the market.

The homeowners researched Mitsubishi Electric AC systems and decided to go with N.E.T.R., Inc. because of our outstanding customer service reviews from other homeowners in Boston and the surrounding areas. Additionally, the family loved that N.E.T.R., Inc. is ranked Mitsubishi  Electric’s #1 Elite Diamond Dealer in the Boston area, so they knew we’d be able to provide a superior experience, as well as continued support.

The Problem: Converted multi-level ranch home in West Peabody, MA, was heating their home with an outdated hot-water baseboard heating system and cooling with window ACs. They’re outrageous energy bills led them to find an alternative.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. outfitted the entire home with a Mitsubishi  ductless heating and cooling system with Hyper-Heating technology. Now, the home will stay comfortable all year round, and they will save big on energy every month.

The Design

Example of a Mitsubishi ductless indoor wall AC unit. When the family contacted N.E.T.R., Inc. about their heating and cooling problem, Mike Cappuccio met with the family himself. Mike is the founder of N.E.T.R., Inc., he has always been passionate about providing the best in customer service and loves to find solutions for families and businesses alike.

When Mike met with the family, he knew that a Mitsubishi ductless system would be able to solve their problems. The energy-efficiency of the system would save the family big on their energy bills, while the ductless design would allow for easy installation without a large construction project.  Mike designed a zoned system with two outdoor condensers, both equipped with Hyper Heating technology, and seven interior zones.

The Installation

Ductless AC with heat pump installed in Peabody, MA, home. Second outdoor heat pump installed for Mitsubishi ductless system in Peabody, MA. Each of the three bedrooms would need a ductless air conditioner installed. Mike’s team installs the wall ACs by drilling a small hole in the drywall behind the ductless unit. The hole allows the technician to snake a thin tube through the walls and to the heat pump installed outside.

For this project, two condensers were needed to ensure that the whole house Outdoor heat pump for heating and cooling Peabody ranch. would be properly heated and cooled. The Hyper Heating technology used in this system works by transferring the existing heat in the outside air, through a heating system, and then pumps it into the home using the air handlers. Additionally, these Mitsubishi ductless units all double as high-efficiency air conditioners, as well. Now, instead of installing and uninstalling window ACs, the family simply uses the Mitsubishi remote controls to adjust the temperature in the various rooms.

A floor AC was installed in the office, to optimize the flow of treated air in that space. The living room, and all other areas of the home, had wall AC units installed. Wall ACs are convenient for open floorplans and rooms with higher ceilings because they can be mounted out of the way and provide optimal airflow.

The Benefits

Indoor air handler for Mitsubishi ductless AC system. Thanks to this ductless installation, the family will now be able to enjoy year-round comfort in every room of their home. The ductless system will eliminate hot and cold spots and lower energy bills in the winter by offering supplemental heating to the existing hot water baseboard system.

Additionally, the family will be spared from having to deal with window ACs every summer. Window air conditioners are notorious for being loud, expensive to operate, and inefficient. In fact, window ACs have even been deemed a security risk, since some burglars use them to gain entrance to homes.

Floor mounted AC for Mitsubishi ductless system. Now, thanks to the ductless system, the family won’t have to worry about their safety, and they can keep each room perfectly comfortable. The units operate independently from one another, instead of using a single thermostat. This design gives the family the freedom to set the temperature in every room.

If mom and dad prefer a cool temperature for their bedroom, and the kids like it toasty warm, the Mitsubishi system will accommodate both needs easily. Another benefit to the system is its ability to monitor the humidity in the rooms and adjust accordingly. This added function will ensure perfect temperature control.

Ductless AC installed in Peabody, MA, ranch-style home. The ductless air conditioning system will eliminate those hot and cold spots while lowering the family’s energy bills. Instead of paying almost $700 a month in heating expenses, the ductless units each consume about the same energy as a lightbulb, so the family is sure to see a significant drop in their bills this winter.

The Hyper Heating feature of this system will even provide high-quality heating on the coldest days. Mitsubishi Hyper-Heating has been proven to continue to function in temperatures as low at -13 degrees!

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

If you are tired of dealing with outrageous energy bills or an HVAC system that leaves hot and cold spots throughout your home, then it’s time to call N.E.T.R., Inc.  We have years of experience serving Boston and the surrounding areas with high-quality heating and air conditioning systems.

Call today to meet with an expert technician who can design a solution for your home. You don’t have to live with a home HVAC system that makes you overpay for inefficient heating and cooling. Contact us to have a system designed today.

Indoor example of a Mitsubishi ductless AC installed in bedroom. Indoor Mitsubishi ductless AC installed in Peabody, MA, home.

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