St. Agnes Parish School in Reading MA Gets Ductless HVAC System

Four of the outdoor heat pumps for Parish School in Reading, MA.

St. Agnes Parish in Reading, MA, is known for being active in the local community and providing a variety of charity work in the city. The school was old, and the bottom floors had no way to keep cool during the summer months, even though the top floor had existing ductwork from an old system.

The school would need a cooling solution for its new HVAC system to help keep students and staff comfortable during the hotter months. After touring the site, the team at N.E.T.R., Inc. knew they could design a solution that would help to keep every room of the parish comfortable all year long.

Because of the style and age of the building, using the Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pumps was the perfect way to preserve the history of the building while providing cooling relief. The two bottom floors would need entirely new ductless units installed, while the third floor would be connected to the existing ductwork for complete comfort throughout the school.

Problem: With summer on the way, this Parish school in Reading, MA, needed to get a high-quality HVAC to provide cool air to all of the classrooms, offices, and more.

Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. installed a multi-zoned Mitsubishi Electric ductless HVAC system to help keep every floor of the school comfortable for students and staff.

Outdoor Carrier condenser on roof of Parish School for Mitsubishi ductless HVAC system.The Design

St. Agnes Parish is a large building with multiple floors that need cooling during the hotter months. Because of the scope of the project, the team at N.E.T.R, Inc. determined they would need to equip each of the three floors with a custom Mitsubishi cooling system designed to fit each space.

On the first floor, the large multipurpose room needed two ductless indoor units furnished and installed on opposite ends of the room. The placement of these Mitsubishi ductless units will allow for the best airflow and coverage of the cooled air throughout the space. Behind the units, the comfort specialist drilled two 3” holes for the piping.

The refrigerant piping is then worked through the walls and out to the condenser units, which are installed on the outside of the building. This piping replaces traditional ductwork and is more efficient at transferring cooled or heated air and is much easier to install in buildings without ductwork.

Large capacity Mitsubishi ductless wall-mounted unit for a multi-purpose room in Reading, MA.Two outdoor condensers were installed on wall brackets on the school’s exterior. Both outdoor heat pumps were mounted approximately 10 feet off the ground to keep them out of the way of debris and make them easy to link with the indoor ductless units.

On the second floor of the school, the team furnished and installed four ceiling cassette ductless units. The four Mitsubishi ductless cassettes were placed in each of the four quadrants of the second floor so that the space would be evenly cooled. Mitsubishi ductless ceiling cassettes are mounted flush with the ceiling so that they don’t take up additional space in the room. The team drilled four holes behind the units so that the refrigerant piping could be piped to the outdoor condensers.

Additionally, the comfort specialists with N.E.T.R., Inc. needed to install a lift pump and gravity condensate piping. These four units on the second floor of the parish were connected to four outdoor condenser units mounted on the exterior walls of the school.

Lastly, on the third floor, our team could use the existing ducted hydro air handlers to supply air to the classrooms, office, and prayer room. The team only had to install two 3.5-ton 208/3 phase Carrier condensers to deliver the cooled air to the room. Altogether, the third floor ended up with seven zones of comfort.

All roof supports, brackets, and piping were installed and supplied by N.E.T.R., Inc. during this installation to help the school prepare for the next round of students.

The Benefits

Mitsubishi Electric ductless ceiling cassette in function hall.Along with providing the faculty and staff with comfortable classrooms, offices, and more, the new Mitsubishi ductless system will ensure quiet, consistent relief from the heat. Thanks to the slim design of the Mitsubishi ductless wall-mounted units and the ceiling cassettes, the new cooling system for St. Agnes Parish is almost invisible in the space.

Each ductless unit operates independently, so controlling the exact temperature in every classroom will be easy. This means that if one side of the school stays hotter because of the sun, the ductless units on that side of the building can be set to keep the rooms cooler without affecting the other rooms.

Not only are these Mitsubishi ductless units more efficient than traditional cooling methods, but they are whisper-quiet, as well. The technology that keeps these units so quiet makes them ideal for classrooms because the teachers won’t have to project over the sound of a noisy window unit.

Looking for lasting comfort?

If you have noticed a rise in your energy bills or you’re tired of your home or office being stuffy and hot during the summer months, contact N.E.T.R., Inc. today! Our comfort specialists can help you find the ideal solution for any heating and cooling problem. We’ll help get your home or business fitted with a ductless heating and cooling system that will lower your energy bills and help you enjoy long-lasting comfort where you need it most.

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