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Heating and Air Conditioning for Arts & Craftsman Homes


A Muti-zone Solution Will Eliminate Hot and Cold Rooms in this Brighton Home


Problem: The kitchen and dining room were too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The homeowner also wanted the option to close unused rooms seasonally while keeping individual control of the climate in the parts of the home everybody used. 

Solution: A two zone ductless system with a condenser sized for a third ductless unit if wanted. We can add the third indoor unit whenever Shaina is ready.

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Arts & Craftsman homes were designed to make people comfortable. They often feature open floor plans and lots of natural materials including wood, stone and brick. There's often a lot of air rooms and natural light, making them a popular design first built at the turn of the previous century. If you think about Stickley furniture and Frank Lloyd Wright styling, you get the impression of what an Arts & Craftsman house is about- utility and beauty combined. These open floor plans area beautiful, but they often become a challenge to heat and cool, especially if there is no ductwork. Window air conditioners simply can't circulate cool air efficiently through a large open space, leaving homeowners frustrated by big energy bills and uncomfortable rooms.

Fortunately, ductless systems like Mitsubishi's Hyper Heat units are designed to solve problems like these. The units attach to interior walls and provide both heating and cooling, circulating the air throughout a space and regulating temperature with state of the art sensors. Because the units also control humidity, this can be a blessing for Arts & Craftsman homes that often have a lot of wood built-ins, since humidity control is essential to keeping all your wood furniture in good shape.

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