Ductless HVAC for Brownstone Homes in Boston, MA

Brownstone homes are iconic in the Back Bay and South End areas of Boston. They can pose a particular challenge when you want to add heating and cooling.

For example, if the home already has forced air heat but no air conditioning, if you just add a/c to those heat ducts, you can run the risk of causing mold and mildew because of condensation, since most of those ducts are not insulated. In addition, the vents are not placed to distributed cold air, only hot, so cold air will pool by the floor. This is why many Brownstone owners are opting for Ductless like Mitsubishi’s super-efficient Hyper Heat units to add air conditioning to their home. Ductless cassettes can be placed to deliver the comfort you want, right where you need it most, without trying to install new ductwork that can handle heating and cooling throughout.

Ductless also can add air conditioning in homes with oil or forced hot water heat through radiators. Because ductless systems can provide both heating and air conditioning, you can create zones of perfect comfort throughout your home and save money without having to replace a traditional heating system entirely. If your brownstone could use additional comfort throughout the year, give us a call and let’s talk about how ductless may be a viable solution to your heating and cooling needs every day of the year.

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