Electrical Panel Replacement and Service Upgrade

If you are having electrical problems in your home, it is important to have a licensed electrician replace or upgrade the panel.

N.E.T.R., Inc. can help with all your electrical needs, from troubleshooting to installation and repair services.

Old electric systems that use fuses can be replaced with larger fuses, but that can lead to overloaded wiring, creating a fire hazard.

Most insurance companies are now making homeowners replace fuse panels with circuit breakers.

What Causes a Breaker to Trip?

Circuit breakers are usually located in the basement, garage, or exterior walls of your house. If tripped breakers are a problem, look for things you have consistently done before they trip, and for signs that it’s time to call a professional electrician.

3 typical things that will cause a breaker to trip or a fuse to blow:

  • An overloaded circuit from too many things pulling electricity on a single circuit at the same time.
  • A short circuit from a “hot” wire touching either a neutral wire or another “hot” wire.
  • A ground fault, which happens when a “hot” wire comes in contact with the ground wire.

It’s important to call in an expert when these things happen.

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