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Heating and Air Conditioning for Post and Beam Homes


Ductless Heating and Cooling for a Newton, MA Home Office and Livingroom

Problem: The Homeowners were working from home, and needed additional comfort for the home office, to make the space more comfortable- and productive- for the wife. In addition, the window units they were using to cool the study and living room weren't doing a great job and cost a fortune to run. They were looking for a better and more energy efficient option to bring comfort to their home.
Solution: Installed a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Ductless Unit with three indoor units to provide perfect comfort at the touch of a button to the home office, study and living room. Whether they want to work in the office or elsewhere, they will have the cooling they need in the summer and the ability to add a little heat if they want to in the Winter, delivering perfect comfort at the touch of a button.
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Four zone comfort delivered to this Lexington Post & Beam Deckhouse

Problem: This post & beam deck home needed efficient heating and cooling year-round, but the homeowner was still living out of state. The home needed efficient units to ensure comfort through the studio, living areas and bedrooms, and the project needed to be done before the owner moved here from the West Coast.
Solution: A four zone system using both Daikin and Mitsubishi ductless split systems. The Daikin unit would cool the studio, and the Mitsubishi units would be used to cool and heat the rest of the home.
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Ductless Heating and Cooling Installation in Lexington, MA

Problem: This lovely post & beam home in Lexington had a 20-year-old heat pump that was no longer working effectively and was expensive to run. The homeowners were looking for a cost-effective HVAC solution that maximized their comfort throughout the home but lowered their costs. 

Solution: We installed a five-zone Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Ductless system that will provide cooling and heating as needed throughout the home, providing quiet comfort 365 days a year at the touch of a button. In addition, the homeowners will have pinpoint control over their heating and cooling, allowing each area of the home to maximize comfort as needed. 

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Ipswich Post and Beam Home Goes Ductless to Replace Electric Wall Heaters

Problem: The Homeowner was looking to replace the ancient wall mounted electric heaters with a more efficient and less costly option to heat and cool their lovely Post and Beam home. 
Solution: We installed a Mitsubishi ductless hyperheat system, to provide excellent and efficient heating and cooling. The hyperheat technology allows heating and cooling through one unit and because of its efficiency, it helps keep energy bills low, whether it's Winter or Summer.
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Post & Beam construction is very popular here in New England, but it poses some real challenges when it comes to heating and cooling. The homes often have large windows, which can lead to a lot of heat loss.  Because of all the beautiful wood in these homes, forced air systems often aren't recommended. Why? Most post & beam homes are made out of softer woods, and can be very sensitive to changes in heat and humidity. If humidity is not properly controlled, the beams can dry out and crack or split, and too much humidity can lead to mold and wood rot. As a result, making sure you have a heating and cooling system that also controls humidity, like Mitsubishi's Hyper Heat ductless systems can be a perfect solution for this type of home.

Check out the case studies below where we helped owners of post & beam homes get the comfort they want while ensuring the health of their home for years to come.