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Heating and Air Conditioning in Waltham, MA


Waltham Colonial Gets Cooling Relief with Ductless Air Conditioning

Problem: The owners were relying on window air conditioners, but the noise and cost to run had them searching for a better solution to keep them cool all summer long.

Solution: We installed three zones of cooling comfort with Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning to ensure that the living room, back bedroom, and front bedroom had quiet, cost effective comfort that will help the homeowners sleep easier all year long.

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Maximum Comfort for this Waltham Colonial with Ductless Air Conditioning

Problem: The homeowners needed additional comfort for their master bedroom and home office- the window AC units weren't cutting it, and they were miserable. They wanted to make sure they got a reliable, cost-effective solution that would help them sleep at night and work better during the day!

Solution: Two zones of Mitsubishi ductless mini split AC units now provide world class air conditioning, ensuring our homeowners in Waltham won't be kept up nights worrying about their energy bills. They can now work efficiently at home and sleep like a baby in perfect comfort throughout the first floor of their home.

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Installing a Ductless System Supplement to Heat This Colonial Waltham, MA Home

Problem: Family room was too cold in the winter, and needed a new heating solution. 
Solution: Installed a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Ductless Unit to supplement the baseboard heating that was becoming very expensive.
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Heating and air conditioning in Waltham, MA

Founded in 1738, Waltham was once commonly referred to as Watch City because of its association with the watch industry. The Waltham Watch Company opened its factory was the first to make watches on an assembly line, and produced over 35 million watches, clocks and instruments before it closed in 1957.

Because of its older, fine homes, we do a lot of work in Waltham and hope to add many more case studies to this page. Ductless systems are a perfect solution where there's no room to put ductwork, and problem areas, like the upstairs condo, converted attic or chilly finished basement. Sometimes your existing system just needs a little help in the hard-to-get areas of your home.

Scroll down to see some examples of installations we've done in and around Waltham, MA.

Ductless will increase the value of your property by adding the most efficent heating and cooling available today, lowering your energy bill.

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