Danvers Ranch gets custom comfort with ductlessThe homeowners of this great ranch home in Danvers had a problem. The summers are getting more hot and humid, and they were trying to cool the home with fans. They had great oil heat, but no ductwork, and they were looking for a more permanent solution for their home than noisy window air conditioners. On top of being loud and expensive to run, window units in ranch homes can actually be a safety concern as well, since criminals have been known to push in a window unit to break into a home.

The homeowners wanted to make sure they got a system that was affordable to install- and they wanted efficiency, to make sure it didn't cost an arm and a leg to run.  When they gave us a call here at NETR, we knew we could design a solution for their home that would meet their needs now and in the future, if they chose.

Problem: The owner of a 45 year old ranch home had great oil heat, but no air conditioning, and was trying to stay cool with only fans. They were looking for heating and cooling options that were efficient and cost effective.

Solution: We installed a single zone of Mitsubishi ductless for their living room, with an option to expand the system in the future and create additional zones.

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Download a Free Product GuideAfter talking with the homeowners, we recommended that they install a single zone of Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning in their living room. This would give them the comfort they wanted where they spent most of their time, and if they found they liked it, they could expand the system at a later date to create additional zones for other areas of the home.
 Ductless cassettes sit on the wall in Danvers living roomRanch homes are laid out all on one floor, which means air circulation is really important. Unlike window air conditioners, ductless units circulate air throughout a space and monitor it to make sure you have the comfort you want in every area of the room- not just one cool space near a window! By placing the unit up on the wall, it is out of the way and is able to provide the air circulation to ensure that quiet comfort in the space the homeowners use most!

We were also able to install the unit by piping it through the garage, to make sure the piping required was essentially invisible, and didn't take away from the brick exterior of the home.


One of the best things about Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning solutions like this one, is that they are modular. One outdoor unit can control multiple indoor units, so you can get one indoor cassette or multiple, depending on your needs. Each indoor unit creates a different zone of comfort, allowing you to control each room's temperature as needed, and even turn them off if an area isn't in use, saving tons of money in energy costs. Our homeowners were thinking they might want to expand in the future, but weren't sure, and we let them know expanding the system in the future was an option- all they would need is another indoor unit and the piping required, cutting down on new installation costs. This also would allow them to essentially "test drive" their system, but keep the options for expanding in the future- a great decision, especially when you're on a budget.

The other great thing about Mitsubishi Ductless systems is that they can act as heaters as well as air conditioning. This means as the weather starts to cool off this Fall, our homeowners can add just a touch of heat with their ductless unit to the living room, without turning on the heating system for the whole home. Because these systems are so efficient, many of our homeowners find that this touch of heat on cold mornings or cool evenings in the Fall and Spring is just the thing to add additional comfort without adding to their energy bills, and often even saves them money by delaying when they normally would turn on the heat for the Winter.

Ductless units can be placed out of the way and still provide perfect comfortThe homeowners were so happy, they wrote us the following review: 

Hi Jimmy,

So far I’m thrilled with my unit! I will be recommending you and NETR to anyone looking a cooling /heating unit. I thought everything was professionally handled from start to finish. I also appreciate so much that you did not try to talk me into anything more than I was requesting.  After dealing with several other companies, you have no idea how rare this is.  We’ll see how this summer goes and I know I can always add a second unit if needed.  

Thank again for everything.


Schedule a ConversationThere's nothing better for us at NETR than getting news like this from happy customers. Great products and installation helped us to become an elite Diamond Dealer, enabling us to offer twelve year warranties on all Mitsubishi ductless units to our customers- the best in the industry! More importantly, our business centers on ensuring you get the system you want, designed to deliver the comfort you want, and that we treat you like family from start to finish. We want to take care of you and your home, and that's why we're simply the best Mitsubishi ductless installer in New England!