One of the most common problems we see when visiting homes is that they don't have balanced temperatures throughout the house. Contemporary homes like this one in Burlington have great architectural details, but every dormer, loft and angle changes the air flow in the home. This can make them extra challenging to heat and cool. One room is too cold while another is too hot. There is no way to come to some sort of happy medium. The only way to make those cold rooms warm is to crank up the heat, causing other rooms to become too hot and it costs you extra money on energy bills. That was the situation for this family in Burlington, MA. 

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Problem: This contemporary home just couldn't keep a heating and cooling balance to keep all the rooms in the home comfortable. The homeowners have oil heat, and were relying on window air-conditioners to try to bring some relief in the summer. The homeowners also had special concerns about air quality for the newborn nursery.
Solution: Installed a four zone Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Ductless Unit to supplement existing oil heat and provide perfect comfort throughout the home. The Hyper heat system will allow zone by zone adjustments and will keep the humidity well controlled, especially important for newborns.

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The problem this family was having was getting even comfort throughout their home throughout the year, and they were worried about air quality for the nursery. Contemporary homes like this one pose challenges to heat and cool evenly throughout. We knew that in order to make sure the air quality was good throughout the home, but especially in the newborn nursery, zones of heating and cooling were going to be most effective.

Our Solution: We installed one outdoor heat pump unit and four indoor units that will provide 4 zones of perfect comfort for the Living room, Sunroom, Master Bedroom and Nursery. Mitsubishi's Hyper Heat system is operated by remote control, allowing the home owners to control the heat or cooling in a room with the touch of a button, no matter what time of day, or what day of the year. These systems are designed to monitor and circulate the air within a zone, and monitor it, to make sure it stays comfortable throughout the room, not just near a radiator or window air conditioning unit.  

This means all those nights, walking the floor with a new baby, Mom and Dad won't be worrying about cold toes or whether the baby is getting overheated- the room will be perfectly comfortable, whether they are sitting in the sunroom, or in the rocking chair next to the crib. The units are also so quiet, there won't be any worries of noisy air conditioners drowning out the sounds of a baby waking up in the night. And as the baby starts to crawl and get around, the units are mounted up on the wall- far away from curious fingers that might otherwise touch a hot radiator and get hurt.

The Family will remain comfortable this winter, and while they can still use their oil heating system, they won't have to rely on the dry heat produced that can help dry out nasal passages and cause colds. The humidity controls and heating in the ductless units will ensure perfect comfort all year long-- just what a new family needs- comfort and less worry. Come Spring and the return of warm weather, the units act as air conditioning as well, allowing the family to mothball all those old, inefficient window units for good.

Best news of all for a young family like this one, they were able to save money with a rebate of $250 from Mass Save and a $2,250 rebate from CEC, for a total of $2,500! Because this is energy efficient technology, rebates are available for these systems since they are helping out the environment. Additionally, the warranties on the systems has recently been extended to twelve years, giving homeowners peace of mind as well as increased comfort in their homes.

There are still rebates available, so if you are interested in this type of energy efficient equipment, be sure to ask your comfort specialist about what sort of rebates would apply. 

To recap the key points of this particular home and our solution:

  • The home owners now have a comfortable, quiet solution to heat and cool their contemporary home, ensuring total comfort and great air quality for everyone, especially their newborn.
  • The energy bills will go down because of the energy efficient technology.
  • No removal or replacement of equipment was necessary.
  • $2,500 in total rebates were available to home owners to help reduce initial costs, along with the money they will save due to smaller energy bills. That's something every young family appreciates!
A Great Investment

This kind of installation is going to help this family with a few things. They can still use their current system to heat, so this ductless install will supplement their current system, allowing them to dd heat or cooling just where they need it, to make the house completely comfortable. No removal of an old system necessary.

This technology will also help save money on energy bills, being that it is an energy efficient solution. The homeowner was also eligible for $2,500 total rebates, $250 from Mass Save and $2,250 from the CEC program! 

The warranty on all qualifying systems installed after April 1, 2015 has recently been extended to 12 years! Click here to see the details.