Somerville condo owners sleep better thanks to Mitsubishi ductlessThe owners of a condo in this converted Victorian style home in Somerville had a common problem. The window air conditioners they were relying on to keep cool were noisy, expensive to run, and often didn't "keep up" with the heat during our increasingly hot and humid summers. This meant tossing and turning at night, not only due to inadequate cooling, but just thinking about those electric bills!

They wanted to make sure they got a better solution for their home, and called NETR after checking out our years of experience, our product knowledge, and our extensive positive reviews online- which is the basis for our ranking as the #1 Elite Diamond Dealer in New England for Mitsubishi Ductless.

Problem: The Family living in a condo in this converted Victorian weren't sleeping well at night- the window air conditioners they were using were noisy and not doing a good job- they were looking for a more energy-efficient and cost-effective way to stay comfortable throughout their home.

Solution: By installing four zones of Mitsubishi ductless that can be individually controlled, the family made sure the dining room and every bedroom was perfectly comfortable, letting them sleep better every day of the year.

Somerville Bedroom gets perfect comfort with ductless by NETRWe install a lot of ductless units throughout the greater Boston area and in Somerville because it is a great option for both heating and cooling older homes that don't have central heat and air with ductwork.  In Somerville, there are a lot of homes like this one- older homes, often turn of the century, converted into condos and multifamily dwellings. This means that each new portion of the home needs to have its own individual HVAC system, that can heat and cool the home as needed. Many of these older homes have old radiator systems, but very, very few have duct work that would allow for a central air conditioning system, leaving homeowners to try to get by with window air conditioners. Window units are very inefficient- they use a lot of energy, and oftentimes they have trouble keeping up with the demands of our summer weather.

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There's an alternative that delivers greater comfort and uses less energy to do it, and it's Mitsubishi's Hyper Heat heat pump system.  The system uses Inverter technology to be able to deliver both heating and great air conditioning through individual wall units, like the one pictured above. This allows us to create individual zones of comfort- allowing each unit to be controlled individually by a remote control, letting you get just the comfort you need, right where you need it most.

For this home, the owners needed four zones- one for each bedroom and then for the main dining area of the condo. Each indoor wall unit is individually controlled with a remote control, meaning the master bedroom can be extra chilly, just the way Mom & Dad like it, but the kids's room can be toasty warm, just the way they like it- and everyone can choose the comfort level they prefer. Plus, you can shut off units when the zone is not in use, saving you money by not heating or cooling a space when it's not occupied- extra energy savings right there!Mitsubishi ductless blends into the foundation for this Victorian in Somerville

The units also do a great job on distributing the air evenly across the room, something that window units just don't have the power to do. They do a better job of controlling humidity as well, which is really important to make sure you don't stick to wooden furniture in the summer, or end up with dry sinuses that can make you more vulnerable to getting sick in the Winter.

Best of all,these units are really quiet. So quiet we've even had customers install them in offices and recording studios, where background noise can be a problem when you're on a conference call or trying to get a great recording of your music to share with others. This means every member of the family will be able to get a great night's sleep, and the parents will still be able to hear a child who might cry or wake up at night.

Because these units are so energy efficient, the Commonwealth has several rebate programs to help encourage people to upgrade to more energy-efficient technology. This family saved $400 through the Mass Save program alone, helping to make this installation more affordable, in addition to the money they will save every month on energy bills.  That's something that will make every homeowner in Somerville sleep better at night!