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Multi-family homes like this one in East Boston are common. They were built well before central heat and air were common place, and while most have pretty good heating systems, the lack of air conditioning can really be a problem. Our homeowners had window units throughout their home, but it just wasn't giving them the cooling they needed in the increasingly hot and humid Boston summers. They gave us a call here at NETR, looking for a better cooling solution that would keep them comfortable without costing an arm and a leg to install or run.

Problem: The family needed additional cooling - the window units just weren't cutting it, and they were losing sleep because it was simply too hot.

Solution: Three zones of Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning will keep the Master bedroom, top floor bedroom and kitchen cool and comfortable all year long while saving money on energy bills!

Our family knew it was time to replace their window air conditioners.  They weren't keeping up with the heat during the summer. they were noisy, and they were expensive to run! Not only that, the units are bulky and heavy, a pain to put in and then store in the Fall, and they chew up your window for almost half the year- who needs that? There had to be a better way. When they called us, we knew right away from our experience in all parts of the Boston area that multifamily homes like this one need a solution that provides the right amount of comfort, but also works with the house as a whole. 

Mitsubishi ductless heat pump systems are perfect for homes like this one where there's no central ductwork. These systems have an outdoor unit that then connects to indoor cassettes, which are mounted up on the wall, out of the way. Each unit can be controlled independently, creating a separate zone of comfort wherever they are located. One outdoor unit can service up to 5 indoor units, which makes them often a cost-effect and potentially expandable system at a later date, very different from traditional whole home air conditioning systems.

Our homeowners opted for three indoor units, one for the kitchen on the front side of the house, one for the Master Bedroom, and one for the bedroom on the top floor- a room that is notoriously hard to keep comfortable! These Mitsubishi ductless units are boston air conditioningdesigned to monitor both the temperature and the humidity in a room, and distribute the cool air evenly throughout the space, avoiding those hot and cold spots you get with a traditional air conditioner alone. Each one is controlled by a remote, and can be adjusted independently, meaning you can keep the kitchen cooler when you're cooking, but turn off the unit in the bedroom when not in use, which can save you significant money in energy costs every month.

One of the best features of Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps for the Boston area is that they also can act as heaters, providing just the touch of heat you need in a room, without cranking up the heat in the rest of the house. They work efficiently even when it's -13F outside, which is great news for these homeowners and the bedroom on the top floor, which can get pretty frosty even with the main home heating system during the Winter.

boston air conditioningJust imagine waking up in the morning, and you feel a chill in the air.  You can just reach over to the bedstand, pick up the remote and adjust the temperature, and in a few minutes- no more chilly floor, and no more dashing around to get dressed in the morning, to fight off the cold before going down to warmer parts of the house.

Likewise in the summer, if you wake up at night and you're just a little hot, a simple adjustment with the Mitsubishi remote, and you'll be back to a peaceful night's sleep in no time.  Best of all, these units are super quiet- we've even had people install them in their music rooms where they do recording, because they are so quiet to run, and you can barely hear them turn on!

The real benefit to Mitsubishi ductless is how energy efficient they are. The units use inverter technology to use just the amount of energy they need to maintain consistent comfort and no more- comparable to high-end whole home HVAC systems. These Mitsubishi ductless systems qualify for rebates from the government because of their high efficiency ratings, and our family here in East Boston was able to qualify for a $300 Mass Save rebate to help bring down the cost of installation, helping to make this an even more affordable permanent cooling solution for their home.

boston air conditioning

By using less energy overall and by creating three separate zones of heating and cooling, our homeowners in East Boston will be able to save money on energy bills every month, whether its June or January. They will be able to have the comfort they want in their kitchen, master bedroom and top floor bedroom every month of the year at the touch of a button, and they get their windows back! 

Multifamily homes like this one require great customized solutions like we provided for these east Boston homeowners, allowing them to get the comfort they want, right where they need it. And because of our extensive experience with Mitsubishi ductless here in Boston, we are elite diamond contractors, which allows us to provide a full 12 year warranty on the systems, giving our homeowners peace of mind along with their significant increase in comfort!

boston air conditioning

If you live in the Boston area and are wondering how you could ditch the old window a/c unit shuffle each Fall and Spring, give us a call here at NETR. We'd be happy to see how we could help you be more comfortable all year long, while saving you money each month on your energy bills- that's something every homeowner can appreciate!