Grillo-House 2.jpgTownhomes like this one in East Boston aren't unusual. When they were built, electric baseboard heating sounded like a great thing, and air conditioning wasn't needed as much as it is with our increasingly hot and humid summers. Townhomes often have multiple levels, and without central ductwork, keeping all areas of the home perfectly comfortable can be a challenge. The basement can be cold and even a little clammy while the middle floor is cozy, and the top floor can feel a little chilly in the Winter, and broiling on hot summer days.

Our homeowners were trying to keep their home warm in the Winter relying on electric baseboard heat, and they had no air conditioning except for noisy, inefficient window units. They were spending a small fortune in energy bills, and wanted to get a new system that would keep them comfortable all year long, without breaking the bank to operate. They had heard about Mitsubishi ductless systems and they got consistently great reviews, and gave us a call here at NETR to see what we might suggest.

Problem: The owners of this East Boston Townhouse were heating with electric baseboards and had no air conditioning. They were looking for a better heating and cooling solution that would be energy efficient while giving them they comfort they craved.

Solution: We used three zones of Mitsubishi Ductless to ensure the basement, master bedroom and kitchen were perfectly comfortable, providing cost-effective heating and air conditioning right where it's needed most.

Grillo-Indoor-2 2.jpgWhen we came out to the home, we knew that like most townhomes, they would need comfort on several floors on the home, and the air would need to circulate well through a space to give it the comfort it needs. That's something that electric baseboards and window units don't do well- they tend to keep certain areas comfortable, but they don't help circulate the air throughout a space, which leaves you with uncomfortable hot and cold spots.

The window air conditioners weren't keeping up with the heat on hot days, and they blocked the windows for almost half a year. They are also a pain to put in and then store each year, taking up almost a whole weekend- and we all know there are better ways you can spend your time!

We suggested that three zones of Mitsubishi Hyper Heat ductless would work well for this Townhome in East Boston. We installed one outdoor unit and three indoor cassettes, that you can see in the pictures. These indoor units sit up on the wall out of the way. They are each adjusted by a convenient remote control, and the units monitor both the temperature and the humidity in the room. They distribute the air evenly throughout the space, eliminating those hot and cold spots and giving you the perfect comfort you want. everywhere in the room.

Grillo-Indoor-1 2.jpgBest of all, all three units can operate independently, so you can have it one temperature in the kitchen, one temperature in the basement, and a third in the mater bedroom, all adjustable as needed. This also means that you can save money by not heating or cooling an area where you aren't spending time- and thus save a ton of money in energy bills by this increased efficiency.

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat heat pump systems like this one can provide both heating and world-class cooling through each indoor unit. The system uses an incredibly efficient inverter technology, that allows it to make small adjustments to keep the temperature and humidity steady throughout a space, rather than the drastic on/off settings you get with other systems. Mitsubishi heat pumps work well even when it's -13F outside, meaning our homeowners will be able to stay toasty warm in every room of their home, no matter what Mother Nature dishes up this Winter.Grillo-Indoor-3 2.jpg

When the hot weather comes again, these units will also function as great state-of-the-art air conditioning units. The units are whisper-quiet, ensuring that our homeowners will never have to try to talk over the rattle and clank of window unit, or try to sleep with that racket in the background.

The unit the in basement will help keep this office and family room area at the perfect level of comfort to get work done, while eliminating that clamminess that can be common in basement areas. The unit in the kitchen will be able to add heat or cooling as needed, making sure no one gets too hot under the collar when making meals and spending time together. And best of all, the quiet comfort in the master bedroom will ensure that our homeowners get a peaceful night sleep even on the hottest or coldest days of the year, without worrying about sky-high energy bills. 

Grillo-Outdoor 2.jpgBecause these Mitsubishi Hyper Heat ductless units are so efficient, our homeowners should see a dramatic decline in their energy bills,especially this Winter. And we know how much they will appreciate being able to add just a touch of heat or cooling to a room, with a quick touch of the remote. Just think- when it's a frosty morning and your nose tingles because you can feel the cold in the air, you can just reach over to the remote on the bedside table and adjust the temperature so that when your feet hit the floor, the room will be perfectly comfortable, and no one will be jumping around in the morning, trying to stay warm while getting ready for the day.  That's a quality of life improvement our homeowners really appreciate about the convenience and comfort that Mitsubishi ductless brings to their home.

Here at NETR, we've been installing Mitsubishi Ductless units throughout Boston for years, and we're the top Mitsubishi Elite Diamond contractor in the area, which allows us to offer a full 12 year warranty on these systems, making sure your investment in your home comfort pays off for years to come. Our homeowners in this East Boston Townhome chose us because of our outstanding reviews and experience, and we work hard to go that extra mile to make sure we treat your home like it was ours.

If you have a home in the Boston area that needs additional comfort throughout the year, give us a call! We'll be happy to show you how Mitsubishi ductless systems can bring you the comfort you crave, while saving you money on energy bills due to its incredible efficiency. Some homeowners even qualify for energy-saving rebates from Mass Save and CEC to help defray the costs through the Mass Save program.