Deck Houses have lots of glass and often soaring ceilings with exposed beams. They are gorgeous- but these features can also make them more of a challenge to heat and cool. The glass can make the rooms hot in the summer and hard to heat in the winter. In addition, with no basement or attic, it can be a challenge to locate equipment and run the lines necessary, and keep them as out of sight as possible. 

Our homeowner was getting ready to move to the area, but still lived in California and wanted to have the home ready as soon as she arrived in town. This posed a challenge as well, and would require great communication between the owner and contractor to make sure everything was done to her specifications. That requires a lot of trust, and it's something we pride ourselves in being able to deliver to customers each and every day.

Lexington heating and air conditioning installation

Problem: This post & beam deck home needed efficient heating and cooling year-round, but the homeowner was still living out of state. The home needed efficient units to ensure comfort through the studio, living areas and bedrooms, and the project needed to be done before the owner moved here from the West Coast.
Solution: A four zone system using both Daikin and Mitsubishi ductless split systems. The Daikin unit would cool the studio, and the Mitsubishi units would be used to cool and heat the rest of the home. 

The hidden bonus?

Our homeowner will get the added benefit of cost savings from her new Hyper Heat units. As some of the most efficient systems available on the market, Hyper Heat can work at temperatures down to -13F, which is especially important in a home like this one that has so much glass. The units will save the owner money each month on energy bills, and because there are four zones, she will be able to just heat and cool the areas she's in - saving money by not wasting energy heating areas not in use. The ability to control comfort at the touch of a button is not only convenient, but cost effective!

The efficiency of these systems is one of the reasons Mass Save works with New England utility companies to provide the highest rebates on exactly this type of heating and cooling technology. Many homeowners can qualify for rebates on installations like this one, while adding long term value to their home with modern and efficient comfort.

Increasing the value of this home

In choosing this type of system, the owner has made a permanent upgrade to her home and increased her long term property value by going with some of the best heating and air conditioning technology available to the residential market.

The warranty on all qualifying systems installed after April 1, 2015 has recently been extended to 12 years! Click here to see the details. 

A custom multi-zone ductless solution achieves perfection for this Post & Beam home.

Our homeowner needed to ensure that her home would be comfortable- whether she was spending time in her studio, in the living area, or in the bedrooms. Because she still lived out of state, she found NETR through our positive reviews online, and knew we could work with her online to ensure everything was done perfectly- even when she was across the Country. We worked with her on the phone, and by sending and marking up pictures through email, so our customer knew exactly what she was getting and could be part of the process even from California!

Her Post & Beam deck house is lovely, but these homes are a challenge to heat and cool because of all the glass and high ceilings. We needed to make sure all lines were run to make sure the units were unobtrusive, yet provided the maximum comfort possible.

We started by installing a Daikin single indoor-outdoor unit in the studio area.  We then installed a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat system with three indoor cassettes to heat and cool the living area and two bedrooms. The ductless units could be installed high up on the walls, ensuring proper circulation of heat and cool air, and hiding out of the way.


Installing the units up high also meant that they would not interfere with the Post & Beam construction, which adds the charm and beauty to this sort of home. You can see the placement in this photo, and there are no ugly lines visible on the wall.  

Making sure each unit was positioned correctly to optimize performance and meet the specifications of the owner required a lot of great communication. Most of the time, homeowners are there to supervise an installation, but in this case, all the communication was done by phone and through email. The level of trust and clear communication necessary to deliver a project like this can be a challenge, and we're proud to say it went off without a hitch. Our homeowner is very happy with the result, and her home is now completely comfortable, no matter where she is, or what Mother Nature dishes out!