Hamilton, MA is a New England town straight out of central casting - it is full of historic homes, pastoral landscapes, and is located in the North Shore area outside of Boston, with tree-lined, winding roads, and with the horse farms in the area, it seems to put the "England" in New England. But just like in the old country, many of the beautiful homes in the area do not have central air conditioning, making them less comfortable than their picturesque surroundings might suggest.

It was time to take care of that problem for the owners of this perfect, romantic cape-style home in Hamilton. The owners wanted to replace the ugly window a/c units that seemed to mar the otherwise picture-perfect exterior, and wanted to get a little better heating and a LOT of cooling for this home.

Hamilton MA heating and air conditioning installation

Problem: Certain rooms, especially the bedrooms, needed a new heating and cooling solution instead of window units. The rooms got too hot and sticky in the summer, and needed a heating boost in the Winter, especially in the master bedroom and bathroom.
Solution: Installed 4 ductless units in the master bedroom, master bathroom and both kid's bedrooms to deliver maximum comfort, even on the hottest and coldest days of the year.

A Great Investment

This kind of installation is going to help the family in this charming home in Hamilton with a few things. They are able to replace the old, ugly window a/c units with a permanent, integrated solution that won't require the hassle of installing and uninstalling those heavy units twice a year- and they get their windows back!

The family can still use their current system to heat the home, but the ductless units will provide that extra heat boost where needed on cold days, to make each room just as comfortable as can be- no more yelling at the kids to put on a sweater!

The real advantage here is that the efficient heat pump technology will also save money on energy bills, especially in the winter. Many of our customers report a marked drop in heating bills, even when they installed a ductless system primarily for cooling in the summer. Mitsubishi's hyper heat technology is so efficient, it qualifies for many government sponsored energy efficient upgrades- this home was able to qualify for both Mass Save and Mass CEC rebates, totaling $2,593, making this comfort upgrade a great long term investment in their home, while saving money on energy bills every month!

The warranty on all qualifying systems installed after April 1, 2015 has recently been extended to 12 years! Click here to see the details. 

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The ideal air conditioning solution for a picture-perfect Cape

Our homeowners contacted NETR because they knew we specialized in working with Mitsubishi Ductless systems, known for their reliability, quality and energy efficiency. 

The family needed to make sure the master bedroom, bathroom and the kid's bedrooms were all comfortable- the window units were noisy, inefficient, and weren't doing a very good job- and did nothing to help the picturesque exterior of the home. By adding four indoor units like the one pictured above, each room can now have the perfect temperature for whoever is in the room, with just a touch of a button! The units are easily mounted out of the way, and deliver custom comfort right where you need it most.

The family also was eligible for two separate rebates- a Mass CEC rebate of $2,343 and a Mass Save rebate of $250, totaling $2,593, making this home improvement affordable in addition to the energy savings it will deliver every day of the year!