Someville Condo with New Nursery needs State of the Art heating

The homeowners of this home in Somerville were eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new baby- a special moment for any family! They knew they needed to help make their home ready for the new arrival, and wanted to set up a special nursery for the baby. But the room they wanted to use had no heat, so they knew they needed a more permanent- and safer- solution than a space heater or even baseboard heating.

They did their research and gave us a call here at NETR, based on our reviews and extensive experience in the area. We knew that we could design the perfect solution for them that would not only ensure year- round comfort, but provide excellent air filtration and humidity control, to make sure the baby had the best and healthiest start possible.

Problem:The Homeowners were expecting a new baby, and the room they wanted to use for a nursery didn't have heat. They wanted to make sure the baby would be perfectly comfortable and they were also concerned about making sure the air quality was as high as possible.

Solution: A single zone of Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling ensured that the nursery would have state of the art heating with a strong air filtration system to ensure both comfort and health for the new arrival. The system will also provide cooling comfort in the summer, making sure everyone will be comfortable every day (and night!) of the year.

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Chris-Van-Voorhies-Indoor-Unit 2.jpgA young family like this one needs to make smart decisions with their money- and that includes making sure they are making a good investment in a heating and cooling system for their home. It's important to have a solution that is reliable, but also affordable- not only to install, but to operate.

Our experts knew that a single zone Mitsubishi ductless system was the perfect solution for the nursery.  The unit could be put high on the wall above the door, ensuring that the air would be evenly distributed throughout the room, preventing hot and cold spots.  And because it is up out of the way, the family will never have to worry about a hot heater burning delicate fingers and hands once the baby starts crawling and exploring. 

The inverter system Mitsubishi has developed actually helps the heat pump work at higher speeds at lower temperatures, making it much more efficient than traditional heat pump systems, and taking less energy to run, lowering heating bills. Mitsubishi's Hyper Heat heat pump system can work efficiently down to -13 degrees, which will make sure the nursery is comfortable no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. Controlled by a simple remote, the family will be able to adjust the temperature to their needs, and the system will distribute the air and monitor the room, making sure it is comfortable throughout. Best of all, these systems can also act as air conditioners, allowing a bit of cooling when needed on hot days, making sure this nursery will be the most comfortable room in the house, every day of the year.

Imagine when the new baby comes, and parents have to get up in the middle of the night, often rocking the baby back to sleep. Mitsubishi Electric's ductless system is so quiet, we've even had musicians use them in their recording studios so the new parents won't have to worry about hearing the new baby over the heating system, no matter where they put the monitor in the room.  And with the perfect comfort in the nursery, there will be less arguing about who gets up for the baby, because the nursery will be so cozy! 

We were so excited to give this family the perfect heating (and cooling) system that will help their new arrival get the best welcome possible. And with its high efficiency, the system will be economical to run, saving money n energy bills- something every new family could use. Many of these systems also qualify for rebates helping to make installation more affordable as well, so contact us here at NETR to see if your home could qualify as well! 781-933-6387

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