Cambridge has tons of charm and older homes like this Victorian. These homes were built long before air conditioning was even invented, so finding a solution to heat and cool a third floor room and keep it comfortable all year long is a challenge. The homeowners wanted to make a great bedroom for one of their children on the third floor, but it always seemed to be too cold in the winter and got sweltering in the summer. Finding a solution that would be safer than a space heater and more efficient than a window air conditioner was the challenge. Window units didn't always keep up with summer's heat, and they're noisy- there had to be a better way.

Our homeowner called NETR, looking for a good solution that would allow them to create a great bedroom for their child but still be cost-effective, both for installation and operation. It had to make the third floor comfortable, be easy to operate, and be efficient to help save money on energy bills, if possible.

Cambridge, MA heating and air conditioning installation

Problem: The homeowners wanted to turn their third floor into a child's bedroom, but they needed to make sure the third floor had the heating and cooling it needed to make it more comfortable year 'round. 

Solution: Installed a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat single zone ductless heat pump system to provide heating and cooling for the third floor, making it comfortable every day of the year at the touch of a button. 

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The problem this family was having was making sure the third floor of their home had the heating and cooling needed to be comfortable year 'round.

No Matter what kind of home you have, third floors are hard to keep comfortable. Even in well insulated homes, because they are close to the roof, they tend to be colder than the rest of the house in winter, and in summer, they can turn into saunas. In order homes like this one, traditional heating systems would have to work overtime to try to make this space comfortable, while making everyone on the other floors sweat- definitely not worth it- or worth the extra money! l window air conditioners used in the neighborhood.

When the family called us, we knew the perfect solution that works wonders for hard to heat or cool spaces. NETR suggested the family install a Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat single-zone system, that would allow additional heat in the winter, but also supply world-class, quiet and efficient air conditioning for the summer months. The heat pump offers both heating and cooling using electricity, and its efficiency ratings allow it to work well even when it's -13F outside!

These ductless systems simply place a wall-mounted unit in a room, with the main heat pump unit outside. The unit is operated by a remote control, and can be adjusted as needed to make sure the space is comfortable, regardless of what Mother Nature is dishing up outside. The units are also super quiet, meaning there won't be a loud window air conditioner keeping the child up at night. In fact, these units are so quiet, we've even installed them in a recording studio! 

Saving Money While Maximizing Efficiency- and Getting Rebates!

NETR worked with the homeowners to secure a Mass Save rebate of $250 and a Mass CEC rebate of $625, bringing the total savings to $875, helping to make it an affordable, long-term solution for the problem of heating and cooling a tricky space like a third floor. The energy-efficiency of these units provide the incentives and the government-supported rebates to switch to this technology over conventional window AC units or space heaters. Additionally, the units are so efficient, we suspect the homeowners will see a drop in their overall energy bills, now that the third floor will be heated and cooled with this efficient technology.

A Great Investment

This kind of installation is going to help our homeowners with a few things. They are making sure the third floor, and their child's new bedroom will be comfortable every day of the year.  That means quiet and comfortable nights, no matter what ind of weather we're getting. And the units are operated by a remote control, allowing their child to fine tune their comfort as needed, and also meaning the homeowners can turn off the unit while the kids are at school, saving money by not heating or cooling a space when its not in use.

The rebate of $825 from the Mass CEC and Mass Save programs also help make this an affordable long-term solution and investment in their home. With the new 12 year warranty on the systems, they also won't have any worries about the unit doing its job for many years to come.