Wakefield is a classic New England town. It's near two lakes, it has a great commons and library, and used to be a manufacturing center for wicker furniture! It's filled with charming older homes, like this Colonial. Older homes like this one usually don't have duct work, and it would take significant reconstruction to try to install it all throughout the home. Our homeowner wanted more comfort during the warmer weather, and a great way to deal with the humidity as well. Window units weren't making the grade to keep the home cool and comfortable, especially in the bedrooms. 

Wakefield MA Colonial heating and air conditioning installation

Options like window air conditioners tie up windows for months out of the year and are inefficient- they can cost a fortune to run, and with our recent temperature fluctations, there never seems to be a "right time" to put them in.  If you put them in too early, there are cold snaps and you end up cranking the heat to make up for the open window; if you put them in too late, you spend weeks waking up sweaty and uncomfortable.

The homeowner did a lot of research on the internet, and came to NETR because of our outstanding reviews and our level of expertise as a Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Dealer. They knew they could trust NETR to design a good solution for the home, based on reading our case studies on what we've done for similar homeowners, and we knew right away we could design a perfect system for this home.

Problem: The Homeowner had a colonial home that needed to be more comfortable, especially in the summer, and wanted to make sure they got an efficient and cost-effective system that would add value as well as comfort to the home.

Solution: A three zone Mitsubishi ductless split system powered by one outdoor condenser and three indoor units will provide great air conditioning as well as supplemental heat in the living room on the first floor and in both bedrooms on the second floor, The separate zones will allow the homeowners to customize the heating and cooling they need, just where they need it, adding to additional energy savings!

Colonial Style Homes Can Have Modern Comfort

Colonial style homes were first built in the 1700's in New England, but many homeowners find they don't want colonial-era heating and cooling in their homes! We've had some tough winters, hot summers, and unpredictable weather in the Spring and Fall. Finding a solution that allows you to regulate the temperature as needed, where you are in the home can actually save you money every month on energy bills, which is why adding zones of heating and cooling with ductless is such a good options for homeowners like this one.

The first floor living room is a great space, and where the homeowner spend a lot of her time. By adding a ductless unit in this room, she'll be able to adjust the temperature when she gets home from work, and then shut it off at night, saving money by not cooling spaces she's not using!

Then she'll be able to go upstairs and enjoy a comfortable and quiet night's sleep, every day of the year, with the ductless units installed in both upstairs bedrooms. Whether it's adding a touch of heat on a cold and rainy spring day, or adding a little a/c when it's unexpectedly hot the next day, our homeowner is going to get the comfort she wants, on demand, in each room she wants with the three-zone system.

The warranty on all qualifying systems installed after April 1, 2015 has recently been extended to 12 years! Click here to see the details.                       

Perfect Comfort for a Perfect Night's Sleep!

One of the best things about ductless is that it can provide heat or cooling on demand. Mitisubishi's hyper heat ductless system extracts heat out of the air down to -13F outside, to provide efficient heating even on the coldest days of the year, and will extract the hot air out of your home to provide state of the art cooling in the summer. This means with the touch of a remote, you can rapidly heat or cool a room to the perfect temperature, without having to fire up your whole house heating system for just that one chilly day. That means saving a lot of money on energy bills, as well as getting a more responsive system that will add comfort just where you need it.

Best HVAC contractor Wakefield, MA

Our homeowner was so pleased with her results, she's already written us this review:

"I am happy with system that was installed. The price was higher than I thought it would be, however, I’m hoping it will be worth it when I’m using the system all summer.  The installers were profession and polite. Also, I was happy that the job was able to commence sooner than anticipated. Thank you."

We're so happy we could give her a system that will add additional value and comfort, right before the hotweather comes to stay. She'll be able to add that touch of heat when she wants it when we get those cold, grey spring days, but just as easily switch to AC at the touch of a button when those unexpected days in the 80's come around. And she'll never have to grapple with a window AC unit again!

Most importantly, our homeowner now has a system that will keep her comfortable and save money each month in energy bills, ensuring a good night's sleep on all fronts!

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Ductless split HVAC Wakefield MA

Increasing the Value of this Home

By choosing to update your home with energy efficient technology like our homeowners did here in Wakefield, you can potentially qualify for rebates under the Mass Save and Mass Clean Energy Center (Mass CEC) program because of its energy efficiency, helping to make it a more affordable investment into the long term comfort of the home.

The owners of this home in Wakefield have also done a lot to increase the value of the home by choosing some of the best heating and air conditioning technology available to the residential market. They will now be comfortable on both floors of this cape-style colonial, and will benefit from the automated sensing that helps ensure heating or cooling are distributed evenly throughout each area, while also monitoring humidity. This state of the art system will be a real winner for this homeowner every day of the year!