Get 0% interest financing for 2016 for your ductless splits with the Mass Save HEAT Loan Program

NETR is proud to offer this incredible financing opportunity, and we love helping New England homeowners get free money!

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Purchasing new comfort equipment for your home is a big decision, and right out of the gate, most folks need to answer a few key questions so they can begin to consider their options.

  1. What's my budget?
  2. Will the equipment do the job properly, for a long time?
  3. Will the equipment run efficiently and keep energy costs manageable?

These are all perfectly reasonable things to consider when purchasing new equipment, and this is where the Mass Save HEAT Loan Program can help you to make sure all 3 of these needs are met. 

The Mass Save Heat Loan program offers 0% loans to help you make qualified energy efficient home improvements. This means you can get those ductless splits you want, not have to pay for them all up front, and pay no interest on your loan. 

When using this program, you are able to: 

  1. Work some flexibility into item #1, your budget, using free bank money. Which enables you to...
  2. Choose the correct equipment for your unique living situation, and...
  3. Choose the most energy efficient solution so that you will save on your energy cost.

There is no catch here. This is a tremendous time to invest in home comfort improvements.

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The Mass Save HEAT Loan Program is designed to help Massachussetts residents make the switch to energy efficient equipment. They want you to use less energy. They want you to save money on energy costs! That's what these programs are for.


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