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Mitsubishi Comfort Electric Cooling and Heating

If you want to learn more about ductless air conditioning, we have the most comprehensive homeowner information resource center of any Boston area ductless heating and air conditioning installer.

Learn how ductless works, the latest on CEC and Mass Save Rebates for Massachusetts homeowners, 0% payment plans, and installations we've done in your neighborhood.

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Mr. Slim Residential Cooling

NETR, Inc offers  the perfect way to  cool or heat  any room  and make it more comfortable... all this  can be done traditionally within 1 to 2 days... NETR is one of the Largest  Ductless Installers in New England with over 1000 ductless systems installed. Give NETR a call.

NETR, Inc. Installs  Residential Ductless  Solutions

Your home can now be more comfortable than ever with a Mr. Slim Residential Ductless Solutions from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating. No need for ductwork or window space... just the  sleek ductless system in the rooms that you want.

Understand Ductless Home Comfort

The cooling and heating systems installed by NETR require no ductwork, so installation is simple. Click here to learn more!


Click here to learn more about Mitsubishi Comfort and the Mr. Slim Residential Ductless heating and cooling solutions.


Residential Cooling  & Heating by NETR, Inc.

Our highly quality systems offer homeowners a way to stay comfortable.

Mr. Slim and City Multi Commercial HVAC Services

Commercial HVAC Solutions

NETR, Inc. is where companies go for their Commercial HVAC needs. We offer commercial refrigeration, standard maintenance & service contracts, as well as emergency service. When you need the job done right, turn to NETR. Give NETR a call.

Commercial HVAC Solutions

Mitsubishi CityMulti & Mr. Slim in Boston

We work with a series of commercial HVAC products such as the Mitsubishi CityMulti & Mr. Slim, as well as York and support every major manufacturer.

Commercial Service & Support

Chip, Paul, Eleni and Russell in our Woburn, MA showroom.

Working with NETR, Inc. you gain an expert in the heating and cooling industry. You also receive our Service Guaranty, and the Industry Leading Diamond Dealer Warranty.

Commercial HVAC  by NETR, Inc.

Systems offer business owners a company that you can trust. Our experts help you with your commercial refrigeration, standard maintenance & service contracts, as well as emergency service. Click here to learn more.

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