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Retail and Office HVAC

The Mr. Slim ductless HVAC system provides up to 42,000 Btu/h of cooling or heating. Its energy efficient design is ideal for retail stores, small office buildings, medical facilities, waiting rooms, research labs, churches, and similar spaces. INVERTER-driven compressor technology allows the system to reach target temperatures faster, and it maintains temperatures more consistently, so you don't have to worry about uncomfortable ups and downs in temperature levels.

Benefits of Mr. Slim for Retail Environments

Mr. Slim helps to keep you, your employees, and your customers comfortable in all kinds of weather. The system offers the following benefits: 

  • High speed heating and cooling
  • Low ambient cooling
  • Consistent temperatures
  • Quiet operation
  • Zone control
  • Advanced microprocessor controls
  • Dehumidifying capabilities
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Ductless style for easy installation
  • Easy to maintain

Zone Control

With zone control, you can customize the settings for different zones, so you don't have to waste energy on areas that don't need to be cooled. Mr. Slim comes with the option of single or dual controllers, and if you want the ability to alter settings from anywhere, you can pair wireless controls with the P-series ceiling-mounted units. For ease of use, all controllers boast a large mode display and a weekly timer. You can lock your settings to prevent unwanted adjustments, and the auto restart function saves the settings in case of a power outage.

Low-Ambient Wind Baffle

The addition of a wind baffle to this commercial HVAC unit allows for spaces to be cooled when the outside temperature is as low as 0 degrees. Essentially, the baffle prevents high winds from turning the outdoor unit's fan in the opposite direction and disrupting cooling. This feature is essential for cooling spaces such as electronic equipment rooms, telecom substations, mechanical rooms, restaurant kitchens, fitness centers, and any other spaces that generate a lot of heat and need to be cooled even when the outside temperature is low. 

Environmentally Friendly

Zone technology and programmable controls help to reduce wasted energy. On top of that, the system uses R410A refrigerant, an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional refrigerants with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

Easy Installation

Whether you're designing a new building or retrofitting an HVAC system to an existing building, ductless units are always easier to install. Additionally, Mr. Slim has a wiring design that expressly helps avoid installation errors. The system has just three polarity sensitive wires, two non-polar wires, and a ground conductor that connects the outdoor and indoor units for power and communication.

Flexible Installation Options

With Mr. Slim, you can choose wall-mounted, ceiling recessed, or ceiling suspended indoor units, which makes it easy to meet both your heating and cooling and your aesthetic needs. Indoor units can be attached to the front, rear, right, or bottom of the outdoor unit and placed in a variety of distances from the outdoor unit. With the PUY(Z) model, you can install 12 to 18 indoor units up to 100 feet from the outdoor unit, or 24 to 42 indoor units up to 165 feet from the outdoor unit. Note that installation charges vary based on the number of units and their distance from the outdoor unit.

Easy Maintenance

If something goes wrong with the system, the expanded fault codes make diagnostics easy, and the service call number also displays on the controller's screen. The ductless design of our retail HVAC units mean you don't have to worry about cleaning or repairing ducts, and the easy-to-access panels simplify maintenance for the outdoor unit. 

We also offer service plans which include routine and preventative maintenance that helps to avoid inconvenient breakdowns and costly emergency HVAC repairs. Additionally, when you choose NETR for your installation needs, you receive a two-year extended parts warranty on your Mr. Slim system. 

To talk about your retail HVAC needs, contact us at N.E.T.R., Inc today. You can reach us at 781-933-NETR or fill out our online form to request a quote or get more information on our products and services. We have been serving commercial clients since 1989, and we look forward to working with you.



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