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Mass CEC Air conditioner rebate update June 2016

Here is the Latest Update on Mass Save and CEC Rebates - September 2017

Save when you stack up Rebates for Energy Efficiency and Smart Thermostats

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If you are in the market for a ductless or central air system this season, talk to us now so you can weigh your options. The more areas of your home you need us to fix up for you, the bigger the savings opportunity.

Rebate amounts were increased last year, and the savings for our customers has been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Details are outlined further down.Click Here to Schedule a ConversationFind a Case Study in Your Neighborhood

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Ductless is a perfect option for a large family room or open floor plan

Best air conditioner for the Boston area

These savings are just the beginning...

Since the rebate amounts were increased, we've been swamped with installations on the North Shore, in Mission Hill, Beacon Hill, the North End, Cambridge and the Back Bay. Not only will these customers save money on installation, but ductless heating and cooling is up to 30% more efficient than twelve to fifteen year old systems, which will save them big on energy costs for years to come. 



See how these Reading, MA homeowners trimmed their $3000 heating oil bill to $0 in one season, and saved 60% on their overall energy costs.
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We can help you with this process! 

We've helped hundreds of residents all over the greater Boston area take advantage of this free money to make the transition to high efficiency heating and cooling.

There are a lot of moving pieces to getting the application process correct in order to receive the maximum possible cash back, so please let us help you too.

Check out the unprecedented rebate amounts on this chart. You could save thousands when you throw in incentives for early replacement! When you're ready, download the application or schedule a conversation with us to get the ball rolling.

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best air conditioner for a Boston brownstone


Check out the ductless installation we did in this South End Brownstone.

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Update Cool Smart air conditioner rebates June 2016

Mass Save Heat Loan Process

Step 1: Call us at 781-933-6387.

Step 2: Our Specialist will explain program at Energy Audit.

What you will need

  • Install qualifying product by licensed contractor, like N.E.T.R., Inc.

  • AHRI certificate (for AC & Heat Pump rebates only - please keep the original for you records).

  • Must be customer of participating utility

  • Obtain invoice with model #, size in tons, date and location of installation, and installation cost.

  • Within 90 days of installation: Main AHRI cert, rebate application, copy of utility bill, invoice from contractor.

  • Copy entire package and keep signed copy.

Thermostat Rebates.png

* MassCEC rebate is available until December 31, 2017. 
** Data compiles in June 2017. Programs charge at the discretion of the program manager.

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In order to be eligible for a Mass CEC rebate, Projects must:

  • Be installed by a manufacturer-trained installer, like N.E.T.R., Inc.
  • Use the installed air-source heat pump (ASHP) for heating consistently throughout the winter.
  • Have Eversource, National Grid, Unitil, or an eligible municipal light plant, as the electric provider.
  • Include an ASHP from Mass CEC’s list of eligible equipment.
  • Have a home energy audit from within the last four (4) years or have one scheduled within six (6) months of project completion. **

To apply for the Mass CEC rebate:

Provide the following information to NETR, Inc and we'll submit the rebate application:
  • Project site address and rebate mailing address.
  • An initialed and signed Residential Air- Source Heat Pump Participant’s Agreement.
  • A copy of a recent month’s electric bill showing the “service for” address and the residential rate code.
  • Complete Income-Verification, if applicable.
Rebates on Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner Boston

* Full program requirements should be reviewed in the Program Manual.
** New Homes, and multifamily residences with more than 4 units do not require an energy audit. If you live in an area with a scheduling backlog, please submit an email confirming you are in queue for scheduling with your application. Please call us at 781-933-6387 to schedule.
*** For the purposes of determining rebate levels, the Mass CEC uses the system’s maximum heating capacity (BTU/hr) at 5°F.
**** To Receive an Income-Based Rebate, the homeowner must complete one of the accepted income verification methods. Please see the Program Manual (section 2.4) for more information about Income-Based Rebates and income verification methods.

Save money on ductless in BostonEfficiency will save you money

Your energy bills will be lower and you will reduce your carbon footprint.

In addition to the best air conditioning you can possibly put in a home, one of the hidden incentives behind this program, and one of the main reasons they do these huge rebates on high efficency systems, is the dramatic energy savings homeowners will see come the winter months.

So, folks, take a deep breath and let's talk about the right system for your home.



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Best air conditioner for a Boston family room