Best Heating and Cooling for Row Houses in Boston

From Back Bay to Beacon Hill, row houses are an iconic part of Bostonian architecture, but unfortunately, these gorgeous homes can be challenging to heat and cool. If you’re searching for the best HVAC solution for a row house, you may want to consider ductless heat pumps.

This modern solution to heating and cooling works incredibly well with these old homes for a number of reasons including the following.


1. Creates Zone Heating for Your Row House

Row houses are notorious for being too hot upstairs and too cold downstairs. When you set your thermostat to a temperature that works for one area, you’re invariably going to be uncomfortable in another area. Ductless heating and cooling systems solve this problem with zone technology.

Each ductless system features an outdoor compressor and heat pump that attaches to a number of indoor air handling units, and each indoor unit controls its own zone. With this setup, you can set the thermostat based on the needs of each zone, creating even temperatures and comfortable spaces throughout your entire home.

2. Replaces Window Cooling Units

Like air conditioners, ductless heat pumps rely on refrigerant to heat your home. In very simple terms, the refrigerant in the outdoor unit absorbs heat from the outside air. Then, the heat condenses the refrigerant, allowing the compressor to move it to the indoor unit.

There, air moves over the hot refrigerant, releasing heat into your home. Finally, the refrigerant cools down and moves back into the outdoor unit, and the cycle starts again.

During the summer, you can reverse this process with the flip of a switch, allowing your heat pump to replace your old inefficient air conditioning unit. Unlike window ACs, ductless units do not force you to sacrifice any windows and they don’t create any security risks.

3. Preserves the Charm of Your Brownstone

In addition to preserving the charm of your row house by eliminating the need for bulky window ACs, ductless HVAC systems are also relatively small and inconspicuous. The outdoor units have a small footprint and can easily fit on the top of your building or even on window ledges or porches.

The indoor units can be mounted on ceilings, floors, or walls, and most importantly, you don’t have to awkwardly retrofit ductwork into your rowhouse.

4. Boosts Efficiency

Ductless heating and cooling systems can improve the efficiency of your home heating and cooling by up to 30%. These HVAC solutions use inverter-driven variable-stage compressors to produce the exact amount of heating and cooling you need, and these features help your home stay comfortable, while also keeping your bills low.

5. Saves Money

Initially, ductless systems can be more expensive than other HVAC solutions, but rebates can help lower the cost, while financing spreads out the investment over time. Over the lifespan of the equipment, you end up saving money.

In addition to saving you money on your utility bills, ductless systems eliminate all the cost of cleaning, repairing, and maintaining ducts.

6. Improves Air Quality

To help everyone in your row house stay as healthy as possible, ductless HVAC systems feature multistage filtration systems that remove bacteria, dust, allergens, and pollen from your air. The exact filtration capabilities can vary, but some ductless HVAC systems can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria from the air in your home.

During the summer, the system also works as a mini dehumidifier. As it cools the air, it also removes moisture.

7. Runs Quietly

When you invest in a ductless heat pump, you don’t have to listen to a noisy window AC or the thumps of a radiator. These units operate at very quiet levels. Typically, outdoor units are about the sound level of ambient noise at a restaurant or low music, while the indoor units are whisper quiet.

Trying to improve heating and cooling in your rowhouse? Looking for a more efficient heating and cooling solution? Want to preserve the beauty of your brownstone while staying comfortable all summer and winter long? Then, you may want to consider ductless heating and cooling for rowhouses.

To learn more, contact us today. At N.E.T.R., Inc, we have been providing heating and cooling solutions to people in all kinds of homes and businesses throughout the Boston area for over 30 years, and we look forward to helping your family.

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