Ductless Heating and Cooling Rebates

With warm summers and harsh winters, the Massachusetts climate can require a lot of heating and cooling, and the costs can add up. Luckily, to help home and business owners reduce costs as much as possible, Mass Save offers a range of great rebates on a variety of heating and cooling equipment.

Thinking about upgrading? Looking for ways to save? Then, keep reading to get the scoop on the latest rebates.

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Integrated Controls

Combining a conventional heating system with a heat pump can reduce your carbon footprint, save you money on home heating costs, and keep your home at optimal comfort levels, but this process is much more effective if you have integrated controls that can automatically switch between these two options based on outdoor temperatures.

Mass Save offers rebates for purchasing central and mini-split heat pumps with integrated controls. To make sure you get to enjoy these savings, talk our N.E.T.R. Inc. HVAC specialists to see if your integrated controls appear on Mass Save’s qualifying product list.

Integrated Controls Rebates for 2024

If you add a qualifying central heat pump or mini-split heat pump with integrated controls to a ducted, non-ducted, or mixed-ducted system running on oil or propane, you can earn a rebate worth up to $500 per indoor unit, with a max rebate of $1500. The exact rebate amount varies based on the system’s actual tons, which refers to the AHRI cooling capacity of your system divided by 12,000 btus.

The list of eligible heat pumps with integrated controls includes approved control packages as well as dual fuel thermostats that can switch between your central heating and a heat pump system.

Mini-Split Heat Pump Rebates for 2024

Installing a qualified mini-split heat pump can also earn you a rebate. Heat pumps are an efficient heating and cooling option that feature an outdoor condensing unit, attached to one or more indoor air handling units with a series of very small tubing running through conduit.

These units allow you to add heating and cooling to areas that are not connected to your existing ductwork, and if you install the indoor air handling units throughout your entire home, you get the chance to split your home into zones, while also eliminating all the efficiency losses associated with ductwork.

Mini-Split Heat Pump Rebates for 2024

Equipment TypeRebate TypeEfficiency RequirementsRebate Amount
Air Source Heat PumpsWhole-HomeRefer to the MassSave.com/HPQPL$10,000 per home
Air Source Heat PumpsPartial-HomeRefer to the MassSave.com/HPQPL$1,250 per ton1, up to $10,000
Integrated Controls2Add on to an existing air source heat pumpRefer to the MassSave.com/ICQPL$500 per indoor unit, up to $1,500

Mass Save Heat Pump Rebates 2024 Podcast

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Fuel Optimization Rebates

Fuel optimization rebates also apply to purchasing and installing mini-split heat pumps. Our experienced N.E.T.R. Inc. HVAC contractors can help you figure out if your system meets these requirements.

Fuel Optimization Rebates for 2024

Equipment TypeEfficiency RequirementsPrimary Fuel TypeAdditional RequirementsRebate Amount1
Mini-Split Heat PumpRefer to Heat Pump Qualified Products List at MassSave.com/HPQPLOil or PropaneIntegrated Controls required unless central heating system is removed.
Refer to Heat Pump Qualified Products List at MassSave.com/HPQPL
$1,250 per ton
Mini-Split Heat PumpRefer to Heat Pump Qualified Products List at MassSave.com/HPQPLElectric Resistance Heat900 kWh difference between sum of 3 winter-usage and 3 lowest-usage months.$1,250 per ton
Integrated ControlsAdd-on existing mini-split heat pumpOil or PropaneRefer to Heat Pump Qualified Products List at MassSave.com/HPQPLUp to $500 per indoor unit,
max of $1,500
(1) Actual tons are calculated based on AHRI cooling capacity divided by 12,000 BTUs. Rebate amount based on actual tons.

(2) Integrated controls are either approved control packages or dual fuel thermostats that switch between a heat pump and a central heating system.

(3) The Sponsor of Mass Save do not recommend fully replacing existing central heating systems with heat pump equipment. Customers that choose to do so may access the Fuel Optimization incentive levels without the installation of an integrated control.

Cannot be combined with other rebates for same equipment. Please see Terms & Conditions for full requirements.

Thermostat Rebates

Qualifying ProductsRebate Amount
7-day programmable thermostatsUp to $25/thermostat (limit 4)
ENERGY STAR® certified Smart thermostatsUp to $100/thermostat (limit 4)

High-Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heating Equipment Rebates

Equipment TypeEfficiency RequirementsRebate Amount
Storage water heaterENERGY STAR® certified
≥.64 UEF* Medium Draw
≥.68 UEF High Draw
$100 per unit
On-demand tankless water heaterENERGY STAR certified
$550 per unit
Condensing water heaterENERGY STAR certified
$400 per unit
*UEF = Uniform Energy Factor

Tips for Success

To ensure you receive your rebates and don’t face any hurdles, you should keep the following tips in mind:

  • Work with a MA-licensed HVAC contractor you trust.
  • Ask your contractor to make sure your integrated controls qualify for a rebate.
  • Learn about qualifying non-ducted heat pumps.
  • Talk with your N.E.T.R. Inc. contractor about why you’re considering a heat pump – common reasons include reducing reliance on oil, propane, or electric resistance; adding heating or cooling to an individual room; and upgrading the heating and cooling in your whole home.
  • Make sure you select the right size of unit for the area you want to heat and cool, while also keeping in mind the effect of freezing temperatures on your system.

Steps for Claiming a Mass Save Rebate

So that you know what to expect, here’s a look at the steps involved in earning rebates through the Mass Save program:

  1. Talk with an HVAC contractor at N.E.T.R. Inc. to identify the right equipment for your home.
  2. Review the rebate application with your contractor to ensure you have chosen qualifying equipment and meet any other criteria as required.

Mass Save HEAT Loan

Ready to upgrade? Want to earn a rebate, but need help financing your system? Then, you may want to look into the Mass Save heat loan program. Depending on your situation, you may be able to receive a loan for heating system replacement, buying new heat pumps, or even removing barriers such as knobs, tube wiring, or asbestos which is in the way of installing a new system.

Mass Save HEAT Loan Information for 2024

Mass Save HEAT loans are worth $25,000 with terms up to seven years, but terms vary based on your credit and the loan provider.

Alternatively, you may be able to qualify for a 0% interest loan through the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to buy a high-efficiency wood pellet boiler. There are also income-based grants to remove asbestos and vermiculite and upgrade knob and tube wiring, as well as expanded loans for heating systems for two to four family units.

To learn more, contact us at N.E.T.R. Inc. to set up a home energy assessment to determine which upgrades may qualify for financing through this program.

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