Ductless heating and cooling systems optimize the comfort levels in your home, while also reducing your energy consumption. The ideal choice for sustainable and net-zero homes, Mitsubishi ductless HVAC systems use a heat pump to heat your home in the summer and cool it in the winter.

Mitsubishi mini-splits feature an outdoor unit, one or more indoor air handling units, and a remote control. The right equipment varies based on your heating and cooling needs, the design of your home, and your personal preferences. To learn more about the options and to get ideas on how to use ductless technology in your home, explore the links below.

Products and Applications

Each indoor air handling unit heats or air conditions a single zone of your home. For single-zone heating and cooling, you need just one indoor unit. But if you’re investing in a whole-home solution for a new or existing home, you will need multiple indoor air handling units.

Once you determine how many air handling units you need, you can choose from wall-mounted, floor-mounted, or ceiling-mounted. There are also ducted air handlers for certain applications.

Wall Mounted Mitsubishi Air Handling Units

The classic option, wall-mounted options come in a range of styles, can heat and cool differing capacities, and boast multiple features. Here are the options for wall-mounted indoor units:

Floor-Mounted Indoor Units

Floor-mounted units typically go on the lower part of your wall, rather than on the floor itself. These units are ideal for rooms with sloped ceilings or short walls. Check out these options.

Ceiling Cassette

A ceiling cassette fits discreetly into the ceiling of the room you want to heat and cool. These units recess between the ceiling joists and create a flush-mount appearance. Here are the options for Mitsubishi ceiling-mounted ductless units:

Ducted Air Handler

In some cases, you may need a ducted air handler rather than a ductless indoor unit. These units are the ideal replacement for traditional forced-air systems. Check out these options:

Want help selecting the best Mitsubishi indoor unit for your home? Then, contact us directly. At NETR, Inc, we have earned Mitsubishi’s highest level of contractor certification.

This ensures that you get the full benefit of the Mitsubishi warranty when we install your equipment. It also means that we have spent hundreds of hours learning about Mitsubishi ductless systems, and we look forward to answering your questions.

Mitsubishi Outdoor Units

Your indoor air handling unit will need to attach to an outdoor unit. The right option depends on the number of indoor units you have installed and the climate in your area. The following outdoor units are compatible with almost all of the indoor air handling units linked above.

Single-Zone Heat Pump

This outdoor unit can support a single indoor air handling unit. If you’re adding ductless to a home an area not connected to your central HVAC, this outdoor unit may be the right option. It can also work if your home is small enough to be heated and cooled by a single indoor unit.

Single-Zone Hyper Heat

Also designed to support a single air handling unit, the hyper heat outdoor unit features hyper heat technology. This allows the ductless system to heat your home efficiently, even in very cold temperatures.

Multi-Zone Heat Pump

The multi-zone outdoor unit can support multiple indoor air handling units. If you want a whole-home ductless solution, you will need a multi-zone outdoor unit.

Multi-Zone Hyper Heat

Hyper heat technology takes heat pumps to a new level. Ideal for very cold climates, hyper heat outdoor units allow multiple indoor units to heat your home efficiently even in low temperatures.

To see if these units are compatible with the indoor air handling unit you have selected, visit the product page for the indoor air handling unit. Each page features a list of compatible outdoor units.

Controllers for Mitsubishi Mini-Splits

Depending on the indoor air handling unit you select, you can choose from several different controllers including the following:

  • Touch MA Controller PAR-CT01MAU-SB
  • Kumo Cloud
  • Deluxe MA Controller PAR-40MAAU
  • Simple MA Controller PAC-YT53CRAU-J
  • Kumo touch wireless controller MKH2
  • Kumo station PAC-WHSO1HC-E
  • Thermostat interface PAC US444CN-1

You can also download apps to control most Mitsubishi ductless units. Check out the controller product page for helpful videos and more information on controllers for Mistubishi ductless mini-splits.

Applications for Mitsubishi Mini Splits

Mitsubishi mini-splits are ideal for a wide range of applications. To see the creative ways that other homeowners use ductless heating and cooling in their homes, check out the following application pages.

Ductless for Sunrooms

Sunrooms are bright and sunny, but they can often be too hot or cold and drafty. A Mitsubishi ductless system can help you keep your sunroom at optimal comfort levels.

Home Office Ductless Systems

If you’re working from home, you deserve to be comfortable. Struggling with hot or cold spots? Want separate thermostat controls for your home office? Then, consider ductless for the home office.

Whole-Home Ductless Heating and Cooling

Ductless HVAC systems can heat and cool existing homes and new construction. With multiple indoor units, you can create multiple heating and cooling zones in your home. Save energy and keep everyone comfortable.

Ductless for the Basement

A finished basement gives you all kinds of possibilities, but what if it’s not connected to your central HVAC system? A ductless system gives you climate controls and dehumidification capabilities.

Ductless to Help a Bedroom That’s Too Hot or Cold

Central HVAC systems often lead to inconsistent temperatures throughout your home. Can’t sleep because your bedroom is too hot or cold? Ductless to the rescue.

Ductless for Your Boiler-Heated Home

Your boiler-heated home may struggle with uneven heating and high energy bills. You can install a ductless system to supplement or replace your boiler. Many people with boiler-heated homes also opt for ductless so they can add air conditioning to their homes.

Exercise Room Ductless System

Whether you want to sweat it out or keep your workouts comfortably cool, a ductless system can make that possible. Ductless technology can keep your exercise room at the perfect temperature.

Ductless in the Garage

A garage can be more than just a place to store a car. It can be an extension of your living space. Install a ductless system if you want to use your garage as a workshop, a neighborhood bar, or a lounging space.

Ductless Units for Home Additions

Adding ductwork to a home addition can be inconvenient, expensive, and time-consuming, and your central HVAC equipment is only designed for the existing capacity of your home. A ductless system is an ideal solution for your new home addition.

Homes Needing a Quieter Solution

Traditional heaters and air conditioners can be incredibly noisy. Ductless units are very quiet. Outdoor units tend to be quieter than a whispered conversation, while most indoor units are as quiet as rustling leaves.

Homes Without Ductwork

No ductwork? No problem? With a ductless system, you can easily add air conditioning or heating to a home with no ductwork. These systems are also ideal for parts of your home that aren’t connected to your existing ductwork.

Ductless HVAC for Net-Zero and High-Performance Homes

Ductless systems use heat pumps to generate heat and air conditioning. Electric resistance heat pumps generally produce more energy than they consume, making them ideal for efficient homes. These systems can be highly efficient even in very cold climates.

Oil, Propane, or Gas-Heated Homes

Homes heated by fossil fuels have unnecessarily large carbon footprints. The cost of fossil fuels also varies more drastically than the cost of electricity. Ductless can help you improve comfort and efficiency if your home is currently heated by oil, propane, or gas.

Room Over Garage

Building over the garage is a popular option if you want more space in your home, but your existing HVAC system isn’t designed to support the additional capacity. A ductless unit can heat and cool the room over your garage without straining the rest of your HVAC system.

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