Combining a Traditional Heating System with a Ductless System (Video)

Mike Cappuccio talks about combining a traditional heating system such as oil or gas, with a ductless heating system. By combining the systems, and using a Mitsubishi “Kumo Cloud” controller, you can use your traditional heating system at lower outdoor temperatures, and then switch to the ductless system at higher temperatures, thereby maximizing efficiency.



The ductless heating and cooling system from Mitsubishi Electric, basically, they’re wall mount units that are going to mount into your home or you can do them with ductwork as well. What’s going to happen is we’d like to come out and combine them with your existing heating system.

You’re probably like, “Well, what do you mean by combine it with my heating system that I have now?” Well, your heating system that you have there now could actually stay there. It could stay in the home and we can come in and look at replacing the system or adding a ductless system to it, and being able to use the Mitsubishi system to heat the home to certain temperatures and be able to switch over to your existing heating at the colder temperatures. This is done by the means of a Kumo Cloud station.

The way that this is done is we come into your home, we install the Mitsubishi ductless system in your home, and we put a Kumo Cloud station in your home. We basically hook up each indoor unit with a Wi-Fi control, which is called the Kumo Cloud. That’s to be able to work your air conditioning system off an app on your phone. Then from there, that system ties into a master station. What you tell the system to do is switch over to the Mitsubishi system at the cold temperature.

Let’s say it’s 10 degrees outside and you have a home with no insulation and it’s not as cost-effective to heat your home with a ductless system, you then can bring your oil burner or your propane burner or your electric burner on at that low temperature just to supplement this on the cold, cold days. Now, here’s the good thing that’s going to happen with this. In the year 2019, the first year of this pilot program that’s going to be being run, is it’s going to be offering $1,600 per 12,000 BTUs of cooling and heating in a rebate form to you. That meaning, say, you’re going to put in 48,000 BTUs of heating and cooling into that home, you’ve got up to $5,400 in rebates that we can start looking at.

Also, from the finance perspective, these units are going to qualify for 0%, seven-year, Mass Save, interest-free loans to install this heating and cooling into your home. I think it’s something that you should really — if you’re considering a ductless system for cooling, we should also look at it for heating and see how you heat your home, as well, because the heating part of this is so important that’s going to play into this, of supplementing this. The other side of that too is we can get rid of some of these fossil fuels and start to go to a carbon neutral footprint.

Heating with Ductless HVAC

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