Integrated Controls: What Mass Save Requires

Kash Daley from N.E.T.R., Inc. talks about the setting up integrated controls with a smart thermostat and Flair Pucks, and what Mass Save requires in order to get your whole home, integrated controls rebate.

Hi, my name is Kash from N.E.T.R. We’re going to go over a couple of features for our integration, and what requirements are needed from the customer to qualify for Mass Save.

The first thing is you need a smart thermostat, whether it’s an ecobee, a Nest; it just has to be a smart thermostat that can connect to the internet and can be connected to an app, meaning an iPhone, an Android, or any mobile device.

And then secondly, you’re going to need a Flair Puck device. Basically, it’s a little round circle puck that connects to your mini-split head. It also has an app on it, and what you do is you connect this to your mini-split, and it’s used as a thermostat for your mini-split head.

This comes with an app, and with the app, you can integrate the two systems together to allow your house to become more energy-efficient based on outdoor temperatures. So the way that it makes your home more energy efficient is that it will operate the most efficient system based on outdoor temperatures. If it’s in the lower temperatures, you want to run your fossil fuel because it’s not going to consume so much energy. Vice versa, if the temperatures are warmer, you want to run your mini-split because it’s more efficient and it’s not going to use as much energy. And as they work together, they have the potential to save you quite a bit of money per year on your electric bill.

In order to qualify for Mass Save, you need a smart thermostat for your fossil fuel system, and you need a Flair Puck that’s for your mini-split. And you also need the two systems to communicate with each other through the app. So that way you qualify for Mass Save.