Introducing the Mitsubishi kumo cloud® Station (Video)

The Mitsubishi kumo cloud station allows users to control their heating units with one simple app. Mike Cappuccio, owner of N.E.T.R., Inc., demonstrates how to incorporate the kumo cloud station into your HVAC unit. Watch or read more to find out about the kumo cloud station.

Hi, my name’s Mike Cappuccio, and I’m here today to explain to you how to integrate your system with a Mitsubishi kumo cloud® controller station and the kumo cloud.

There’s been a lot of questions and a lot of conversation going on now about, “Hey, what are all these kumo cloud stations, and all these controls, and how do I integrate this with my boiler, and how do I put this together?” And there’s been some significant rebates that have just been released from Mass Save, starting January 1st, that are up to $1,600 a ton, not even up to $1,600 — they are $1,600 a ton when you integrate this with your kumo cloud station.

So, I want to show you pretty much what you would do and how to do it. Real simple. You would put this kumo cloud station in your home; this is basically what’s either going to turn your boiler on or off, depending on the outdoor air temperature. We’ve found that above 20 degrees — 20 to 25 degrees — that if you heat with an air source heat pump, it’s much more efficient than a gas boiler, an oil boiler, or a propane boiler, whatever you’re trying to use. It’s definitely more efficient to heat at those temperatures with an air source heat pump.

That’s not to say that an air source heat pump can’t heat when it’s zero degrees out. We do have products that do do that. I’ve spoken to you about that in previous videos — what hyper heat is — but that’s not what this video is for, okay. This is intended to show you what a kumo cloud station does.

Again, there’s four channels on it. The four channels are what run the four circulator pumps in your house, or your four thermostats in your house. We would be integrating that with this station, okay. So this red light is simulating your boiler, okay. So, I’m going to show you what would happen below 20 degrees, 25 degrees — your boiler’s going to work.

And all this station is doing is switching it over with temperature: on, off, on, off — for temperature to heat your home with the most efficient system that you would want to use to heat your home with, okay. So above the temperature, the air source heat pump comes on. I’m switching it on and off, but it would be doing it from a sensor that goes outside. There is an outdoor air temperature sensor that ties into the kumo cloud station that goes outside, okay.

You do have to run 24 volts to it, a little transformer, a little 110-volt step-down goes right into it, and powers it up. And then everything is run off of the kumo cloud app for the indoor units that you would put in for the air source heat pump. So, you can see right here, I have it on my tablet. This is one indoor unit. This is one of the GL15s we have here in the training center, that that’s running off of, and you can see, I can turn the temperature up and down on that, whatever I want to do with the kumo cloud station.

So, we put a kumo cloud app on each indoor unit that we’re going to tie into each zone, and that’s pretty much what we do with the kumo cloud station. It just really is a switch that operates on temperature, and puts your most efficient heating system on, depending on what the outdoor air temperature is.

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