Pre-Winter Heating System Tune-Ups (Video)

Hi, I’m Brett with N.E.T.R. — I wanted to share with you three great reasons to have your home’s heating system tuned up before the winter months.

The first one is efficiency. A clean system is an efficient system. Unclean systems waste power, they waste fuel and are more expensive for you to run.

The second reason is catching small things before they become big. Small parts which are starting to fail usually end up becoming large parts that are beginning to fail. So by having an annual maintenance, you’re going to find small things that may need repair and will stop those large things from having to be replaced.

Then the last part is warranty. Many people don’t realize that almost every warranty requires an annual maintenance for it to remain intact. So if you want the protection of that manufacturer’s warranty, you’re going to want to go ahead and have that annual maintenance.

So, three quick reasons why it’s very important to have a qualified contractor come and do annual maintenance on your system.