Replacing a Central Air System with a Heat Pump (Video)

Mike Cappuccio talks about replacing a central air system with a heat pump by utilizing your existing ductwork, but converting it to a ducted heat pump system.

I’m Mike Cappuccio, founder of N.E.T.R., and today I’m here to talk to you about an option of replacing your central air conditioning system with the Mitsubishi heat pump system. Now you’re probably saying to yourself, well, why would I want to do that? I have an air conditioning system. Let’s say it’s 20 years old, and your air conditioning system is up for replacement. It’s gone through its life expectancy and it needs to be replaced now. So now we’re sitting there wondering, “oh boy, well, what are my options? What can I do?”

Okay, so one of the options I want to present to you today, that a lot of people just don’t think about, is this. Let’s say you have radiators in your home, or you have baseboard in your home, and you just have a central air conditioning system that’s either in your attic or your basement.

Okay. So it’s only just being used for air conditioning. You have existing duct work in the home. Well now with today’s technology with hyper heat, you can replace the air conditioning system with an air conditioning system and a heating system. So what does that mean? Okay. So we’re putting in a heat pump, is what we’re doing. We’re not just putting in an air conditioning system.

In my previous video, I explained to you what the difference was between an air conditioning system and a heat pump. Well, now what we’re going to do is install this heat pump into your home. And basically we take the air handler route. That’s either in the basement or in the attic, replace it with the Mitsubishi air handler. Put a condensing unit outside that can do heating and cooling. And now you have the ability to heat and cool your home with the existing ductwork that was already there from the air conditioning system.

So you can either use this as an auxiliary heating system in your home, and put integrated controls in with it, and basically use that system above certain temperatures to heat your home, which would allow you to lower the carbon footprint of gas going into the air, etc.  Or you could heat your home full time with this if you wanted it to. And we’ve even done this where we’ve taken boilers out and taken oil systems and gas systems out of homes and just use the Mitsubishi system to heat the home. So it’s really an alternative that you should be looking at when it comes to replacing your existing central air conditioning system.