Ductless AC for The Real School of Music in Andover, MA

The Real School of Music is the fastest growing music school in the history of the US. It got its start in the summer of 2006 when two friends bonded over reminiscing of their days in the Boston music scene. From that day onward, they were determined to build a music school that was designed to encourage creativity, community, and to save music education from going extinct. 

The Real School of Music in Andover, MA, get Mitsubishi ductless AC system. Due to school budgeting changes, many schools are having to cut their music programs, which drastically limits the exposure youths get for creative outlets. The Real Music School spent two years working with experts on understanding different learning types in order to provide high-quality music education for all kids.

In 2008, the first location in Burlington, MA, open its door. Today, three locations are working tirelessly to bring music education and a sense of community and belonging to their students. In 2019, Burlington provided over 100,000 30-minute music lessons to students, and the Andover location is quickly catching up to those numbers.

Mitsubishi ductless split-system heat pump for ductless unit in Andover, MA. The Andover location eventually needed to upgrade their available space, so they added additional music studio buildouts to the existing building. Because of the high volume of students and the need for a controlled temperature in the music studio, The Real School of Music needed to install an air conditioning system in the addition. Increasingly hot summers and drastically cold winters can cause fluctuations in humidity and temperatures that can damage musical instruments.

Not to mention, keeping students and teachers comfortable during their lessons is essential to providing a pleasant learning environment. The solution needed to be quiet, so it wouldn’t distract from the music lessons, and be installed without ductwork. With these problems in mind, the owners of The Real School of Music in Andover, MA, contacted N.E.T.R., Inc.

The Problem: The new music studio addition at The Real School of Music’s Andover location needed high-quality air conditioning without ductwork. They needed a quiet solution that would provide humidity and temperature control year-round.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. installed a zoned Mitsubishi ductless AC system with an outdoor condenser unit. This system will offer heating and cooling all year long while remaining whisper-quiet.

The Design

Andover’s the Real Music School installs ductless AC in music studios.Mike Herrick took on the task of designing a heating and cooling solution for The Real School of Music. He knew right away that a Mitsubishi ductless system would be ideal for the music studio since the units operate at a whisper-quiet level. In fact, N.E.T.R., Inc. has installed many Mistubishi ductless systems in music studios throughout Boston and the surrounding areas because they offer quiet cooling comfort that won’t interfere with instruments or recording equipment.

Based on the layout of the original building and the music studio buildouts, Mike knew that a multi-zone ductless system would be the way to go.  This design would allow each music studio to have its own unit, which would be connected to the outdoor condenser through thin tubing. To reduce the ambient sound, even more, Mike proposed that they install the piping in duct case and mount the pumps in the hallways, on the backside of each indoor unit. This design would help to keep the noise of the air conditioning system as quiet as possible.

The Installation

Heating and air conditioning in Andover music studio, thanks to N.E.T.R., Inc.Following his initial design, Mike and his team started work on the studios’ new Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning system. The three small studios would all have a single 3-MSZ-GL06NA Mitsubishi ductless wall-mounted AC unit. The large studio required an upgrade to a 3-MSZ-GL15NA.

All four indoor units were mounted on the walls nearest the hallway. Now, the pumps could be installed in the hall to keep the noise in the studios to a minimum. Then, the tubing for the ductless ACs was run to the outdoor air condenser.

The Benefits

Not only will this Mitsubishi ductless system provide top-of-the-line air conditioning throughout the hottest summer months, but each unit also monitors the room’s humidity and adjusts automatically. Now, the teachers and students can relax, knowing that their musical instruments will be protected from dangerous temperature and humidity fluctuations so that they can continue to be played for years to come.

Additionally, each unit operates on its own thermostat, which allows the teachers to set their rooms precisely to their liking. Since the units monitor the room’s temperatures independently, they’ll never have to worry about putting additional strain on a central AC system to keep every room comfortable.

N.E.T.R., Inc. installs a ductless system with four indoor AC units and an outdoor heat pump.Another benefit of choosing a ductless system for their school is that the entire system is energy-efficient. Now, they can keep their energy bills low, without sacrificing the comfort of their students and staff! Instead of spending their funds on keeping the school properly air-conditioned or heated, those funds can be used on additional instruments, equipment, or anywhere else the school needs it. Savings like that can make a huge impact on the success of the business and students alike in the long run.

In the winter, the ductless system can be converted to provide high-quality heating to all of the rooms. Just the touch of a button will be all it takes to add a little extra warmth to a chilly studio. This ductless system will finally allow the teachers and students to focus on what matters most, instead of worrying about being hot or cold during a lesson.

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

Monitoring a ductless system in Andover, MA. Whether you’re looking for a heating and air conditioning solution for your school or business, or needing an AC system for your home, N.E.T.R., Inc. has your back.  We have years of experience in Boston and the surrounding areas, and we are a #1 Elite Diamond Dealer for Mitsubishi ductless systems.

The Elite Diamond Dealer status means we are able to offer all of our customers extended 12-year warranties and the highest quality installation and maintenance services on the market. If you are ready to stop worrying about the air quality and temperature of your home or business, contact us today.  Our team of experts will help you design a solution that is energy-efficient, effective, and helps to save you money for years to come.

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