Gas Heating Colonial Gets Ductless AC for Upper Rooms

Beautiful colonial home in the Historic Olmsted District gets upgraded AC with Mitsubishi ductless installation. This gorgeous Colonial-style home in the Historic Olmsted District of Swampscott, MA, is a beautiful place for anyone to call home. However, the age of the house meant that it had not been built with a central air conditioning system. Instead, the home heated with oil during the winters and offered no cooling technology for the sweltering summer heat.

The family that lives in this Colonial-style home decided it was time for a change. The second-floor bedroom and office were unbearably hot during the summer, making the rooms almost useless for months at a time.

The owners began researching air conditioning systems. Eventually, they found N.E.T.R. Inc., and our many five-star reviews from past customers with similar homes and problems. Additionally, our status as the #1 Elite Diamond Dealer for Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems in Boston and the surrounding areas made them confident we could find the right solution for them.

The Problem: This Colonial-style home in the Historic Olmsted District of Swampscott, MA, needed an air conditioning solution for their bedroom and office on the second floor.

The Solution: N.E.T.R. Inc., installed a pair of Mitsubishi ductless AC units in the second-floor bedroom and office, along with a condenser unit just outside the home. This energy-efficient system earned the homeowners a Mass Save rebate of $375.

The Design

An example of a new Mitsubishi Electric ductless AC air handler installed in the second-floor bedroom of this colonial home. The ductless system was a perfect solution for this family because it does not require existing ductwork or any ductwork to be installed in the home. Instead, the treated air will be piped through the walls using a thing tubing to transfer it from the outside of the house to the indoor air handlers.

The family loved the idea of an AC system that would require almost no modifications to their home. N.E.T.R. Inc., assured them that the Mitsubishi ductless air conditioners would be the perfect fit.

The Installation

Both of the indoor Mitsubishi ductless AC units were installed as floor-mounted models because of the home’s slanted walls on the second floor. This positioning will provide the homeowners with optimal airflow throughout the second-floor bedroom and office.

Each room received its own ductless air handler so that the occupant can adjust the temperature to fit their needs. Unlike most centralized AC systems, the ductless units operate independently from one another, which allows the owners to adjust each room separately.

Additionally, the condenser unit was installed just outside the home, where it would be out of sight and easy to access for maintenance and repairs. The condenser unit was installed on a concrete pad, which will help to stabilize the unit and protect it from debris and snow.

The Benefits

A floor-mounted Mitsubishi ductless AC installed in a bedroom in Swampscott home. The family will see immediate benefits from this new installation. Primarily, they will be able to use their second-floor rooms again this summer! Another way that this energy-efficient system saves homeowners money on their energy bills is by allowing the family to turn off the cooling system in rooms that are not being used. This way, if the family is not using the upstairs office, they don’t have to waste money cooling it until they need to use the room.

Additionally, the ductless system takes almost the same amount of energy to run as a lightbulb, so the family will be happy to see that cooling their second-floor rooms won’t cost a fortune.

This family has already saved money by applying for a Mass Save rebate of $375 for upgrading their home to an energy-efficient system.  If you are ready to make the change in your home and discover a new level of comfort, contact us today! Our experts will help you apply for rebates and learn which HVAC system is right for your home.

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

If you are tired of spending your summers in search of a comfortable place to sit in your own home, it’s time to upgrade your air conditioning system. At N.E.T.R. Inc., we have over 40 years of experience helping families in and around Boston find comfort in their own homes.

We offer traditional central AC systems and cutting-edge technology from Mitsubishi Electric, like ductless AC systems.  We can help you find the perfect solution for your home today. Contact us to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our Mitsubishi ductless products.

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